Bear Market and Maintaining Motivation.
August 4th, 2022

i started my crypto journey in late 2017 in the ICO craze, back then i didn’t have any experience with financial market and i get to know about Bitcoin surfing in Reddit.

so being curious about new stuff always kept me going and one opportunity crypto markets gave me was to know new technologies and make money while learning.

my biggest regret was that in 2018 with the fall of market i stopped learning and in result i lost the 2020 DeFi boom, while friends held their ground and continued digging into new projects.

i entered back into market last year and since then i started on the right foot, this time im contributing to some DAOs and learning data analysis on projects with tools like Flipside crypto, they give me insight and also pay me while i’m learning.

and i guess that’s what keeps me motivated, staying curious.

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