MetaPassport and its utilities in a series of Web3.0 gaming application scenarios. Realize asset interoperability and optimize the compatibility of MetaPassport.

MetaPassport has many non-fungible avatars, feel free to make them a unique biography! 

The best of the best will be selected as the winner, and your content will probably be used as the avatar description when minting opens!!! 

2 unique avatars will be released (by series) at 👀丨sneak-peak(discord channel) per week!!!

Enter our discord to participate: 

Step 1: Go to #👀丨sneak-peak (discord channel)

Step 2: Check the current event avatar, and create a bio for them(name, age, occupation, story, you can use your imagination as much as you want! The content should be appropriate!) 

Step 3: Submit your customized bio to the #mp-avatar-event (discord channel)

Step 4: Wait for the result! 

Event time:2022/6/22 - 2022/7/13

Prize: MetaPassport mystery box *1  for the winner! 

Winner rule: our staff team will pick the winner! Whoever has the most reaction to the story will be considered!!! 

Note: The MetaPassport is a prerequisite for all your actions. (If you don't have a MetaPassport, you have to get one first to receive the avatar.)

Join us:



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