Introducing the Chinoiserie Series of the MetaPassport Avatar

MetaPassport (a.k.a. MP) is a Web3.0 game social pass that aims to become the on-chain credential curator of any player’s Web3.0 gaming journey. A total of 22,000 sets of genesis avatars will be made available to mint along with the MetaPassport itself in the first phase of the MP release. Players will be able to customize their profile picture using avatars that will travel with them wherever they go across various games that MetaPassport and its partners launch. 

A lot of the art team’s passion and stories lie within the design of the avatars. Some of the lead artists that MetaPassport works with are proud Chinese. They are proud of their identity and culture and have demonstrated the modern interpretation of their culture in the design of the avatars. They do this by combining the traditional Chinese costume with a few cyberpunk characteristics, truly displaying the retrained visual identity with some attitude. This is what represents the Chinoiserie Series, as it reflects the artist’s pursuit of modern fashion with futuristic elements while staying in touch with their heritage. 

The Chinoiserie Series is a limited edition series that has an intrinsic rarity value among the other four series of the MetaPassport genesis NFTs. MP highly encourages players to collect as many NFT avatars as they can, because players will be able to receive special badges and rewards with specific sets of NFTs collected. Once players bind their NFT avatars to their MP, they will be able to travel across the entire MP ecosystem.

Start your journey with MetaPassport, as MP is hosting campaigns for early travelers. Travelers will be able to receive airdrops that contain mystery boxes with NFT avatars in them. Don’t worry, each mystery box holds one NFT avatar. Every player’s journey will have to start with MetaPassport. Only by holding a MetaPassport, players are entitled to a genesis avatar. Stay ready and pre-register on the MetaPassport official website that will be launched very soon. 

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