Credentials to Buidl: The Official Launch of MetaPassport Website

There have been talks about Web3.0 as the future of the internet and will largely rely on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and the philosophy of decentralization. As a brand-new Web3.0 identity dedicated to Web3.0 gaming, MetaPassport (MP) aims to become the on-chain credential curator of any player’s Web3.0 gaming journey. With the mission to provide a one-stop solution for Web3.0 gamer’s on-chain credentials, players can hold a universal passport and travel across different games in the Web3.0 world.

One of the key functions of MetaPassport is the exclusive avatar customization, as they will be representing the players across all Web3.0 games. Therefore, MetaPassport has ensured that all players can customize, upgrade, and modify their unique NFT avatars at any time and will be synchronized across all MP-supported applications. This can be done through the combination of the different components by collecting outfits, accessories, and different items from the subsequent scenarios offered by MetaPassport.

Another key function of MetaPassport is the credentials to buidl. Certificates awarded by MetaPassport are for the contribution of credentials and act as a resume for players in the Web3.0 gaming world. To empower players’ Web3.0 gaming journey, MetaPassport is a prerequisite for all players’ actions and will successively record all the players’ behavior in the Web3.0 gaming world.

Through cooperation with various Web3.0 projects, MetaPassport can become the universal passport for all users in the Web3.0 world. MetaPassport players will be able to enjoy exclusive rewards by participating in various application scenarios launched by MP or other Web3.0 projects that MP supports. Every MetaPassport player will receive different exclusive rewards depending on their MP credentials, such as game assets, tokens, WLs, and NFTs.

With the recent launch of MetaPassport's official website, the team behind MetaPassport envisions pushing the robust development of Web3.0 application scenarios and DAOs to become the universal gateway for every player entering Web3.0 gaming.

MetaPassport will not have an upper limit in quantity but the genesis MP and genesis avatar are limited. The genesis passport quantity will be 12,000, whereas the genesis avatar quantity will be 22,000. The genesis avatar will also be split into 4 categories: Punk, Rock & Roll, The Year Of Tiger, and Chinoiserie, with a total of 30 styles for players to choose from. Many of the avatar’s designs are heavily influenced by the passion and stories of MetaPassport’s art team.

MetaPassport will be launching the first phase of minting and enabling the release of NFT avatar customization in the year 2022. A total of 22,000 sets of genesis avatars will be made available to mint. Soon, MetaPassport will realize the real asset of interoperability in various scenarios from playing and asset collections to trading and the entire Web3.0 gaming life. Also, MetaPassport will not only achieve credentials to buidl but establish a DAO organization to incorporate the contributions and rewards into the platform. To provide a new underlying technical solution in a gamified way governed by a DAO, MetaPassport will drive more application scenarios of Web3.0 and the progress of the entire industry.

To gain long-term value for all players, MetaPassport will soon be launching exciting features and events, from litepaper, trailers, mint rules, and many more. With such exciting features, MetaPassport is a melting pot for explorers to connect and collaborate with others from across the globe and elevate their Web3.0 experience for the next generation of gamers.

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