MetaPassport AMA - Q&A Recap

MetaPassporter : What is the benefit or the purpose for the avatar that has been bound, especially if we had 3, and bound all of them?


  • Firstly, only bound avatars are eligible to participate in the prize pool, this is what we called soulbound, each avatar you bound will permanently connect with the MetaPassport you chose. When you sell your MetaPassport, you sell your avatars as well, so please be aware that when you sell your MetaPassport, you are not just selling a single MetaPassport, you are selling all avatars that you bound to the MetaPassport as well!

  • Secondly, exclusive rewards will be given to all MetaPassport holders. There are two levels of reward, one of them is for MetaPassport holders and another is for Genesis avatar holders who bound their avatars.

  • Thirdly, the more you bind, the more benefit you will get. The future benefit will be allocated according to how many avatars you have bound

MetaPassporter : What is the difference between a secret avatar and a common one?


  • The secret edition will get you the prize pool straight away. The two secret editions only have a supply of 100 in total, which are Monster and Brave. Secret editions have a higher market value than others because of their rarity and value. But eventually, it doesn’t matter if you hold a secret edition or a non-secret edition, they all belong to MetaPassport, and you will still enjoy the benefit as a holder.

MetaPassporter : How do you keep the base price from crashing?


  • There are two common types of investors in web3, risk-free arbitrageurs (Making money with zero cost) and speculators (buy low sell high). With several airdrops for MetaPassporters, there are many arbitrageurs, they only see the benefit of the short term but ignore the long-term value of the MetaPassport. In other words, they want to make quick money, when they sell it at 100 Matic with the mint price at 198 Matic, they will make a profit, because of the airdrop. We can’t prevent their transactions as this is a free market. But eventually, those arbitrageurs will vanish, and you will see the price change, so don’t worry about the airdrop, as there are only a few airdrops.

  • About one week has passed after minting, and MetaPassport has gone no.1 on the Openseas collectible section on Polygon since today. At the time of the bearish market, while the liquidity of the polygon chain was low, we can see MetaPassport making the polygon gradually rise. Many new participants have come to polygon because of MetaPassport and many eth and sol investors have engaged in MetaPassport minting. We can see that MetaPassport had a good start!

MetaPassporter : What is the next step of MetaPassport?


  • Very good question, there will be a big event in December! We will announce it after everything is finalized. However, what we can tell you is that it’s related to the world cup. All MetaPassport holders will get the airdrop, and genesis MetaPassport holders will get the exclusive airdrop. What do Genesis MetaPassport holders represent? It represents those that minted MetaPassport in the first round.

MetaPassporter : Can we unbind/unbound an avatar?


  • No, you cannot. After you bind, you cannot unbind, as this is what we call soulbond, you cannot separate it. Only MetaPassport holders who have bound their NFT will get the full benefit, it is an encouraging action for avatar holders.

MetaPassporter : What are the benefits of having a rare MetaPassport avatar?


  • Having secret edition avatars will open up an opportunity for you to share the prize pool straight away after binding it. You cannot imagine how lucky you are.

MetaPassporter : If all avatars are not minted, would there be a chance to burn the unminted avatars?


  • Yes, after four rounds of sales, all unminted avatars will be burned.

MetaPassporter : Where can we use our MetaPassport now?


  • For now, MetaPassport can only be used for avatar collection, and your MetaPassport will be your ticket to participate in the upcoming World Cup Event (Tons of airdrops and extra rewards).  And of course, the value of your MetaPassport will increase. We aim to transform MetaPassport into a Web3.0 game social pass where you will be rewarded based on your behavior in the Metaworld.

MetaPassporter : Has MetaPassport done any collaborations with other metaverse projects? If not, are you planning to?


  • We will work with the Polygon Ecosystem, as we are currently ranked 1st on the Polygon collectible ranking. Because of this, we’re pretty certain that we will get additional support from Polygon.

MetaPassporter : Will the team become doxx?


  • Yes, we will. We are anonymous for now, but we are on the way to being non-anonymous. You know, King and I have never been on stage on behalf of the team before, but today we are on the stage instead of typing in the server for the first time to meet all of our MetaPassporters. Doxx is one of the factors to look at for investors, and there are many other factors to look into, like our plan for the future and next steps. Stay tuned! The team will be non-anonymous in the future!

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