MetaPassport Genesis Mint Officially Opens

It's finally here! #MetaPassport Mint is finally and officially available! Built initially on Polygon, MetaPassport is a Web3.0 game social pass that aims to become the on-chain credential curator of a player's Web3.0 gaming journey. It would become the first soulbound and customizable NFT on Polygon. 

Begin your journey into the future here: 

How does #MetaPassport minting work?

In the minting phase, there are 12,000 Genesis MetaPassports at 10 Matic each. Whereas, there are 22,000 Genesis Avatars that have been split into 4 series starting at 198 Matic each. 

Genesis MetaPassport supply: 12000(Total supply is unlimited)

Genesis Meta Avatar supply: 22000 (2000 reserved for community)  

The mint time of Avatar Mystery Box will be divided into four phases. The first one is the Rock & Roll series, followed by the Punk series. Then, we start heading towards the East, where you'll find The Year Of The Tiger series and the Chinoiserie series.

Win up to 100,000 Matic in the minting phase! 

But first, you MUST mint a Genesis #MetaPassport. You can then purchase Avatar Mystery Boxes, collect Secret Edition Avatars, and soulbound your MP. It's that simple! 

For starters, the bonus prize is 15% of total sales! Collect all the series and the secret editions to win. 

What is coming up after the genesis mint? 

MetaPassport will enable players to customize their avatars by changing the components, having MetaPassport and the avatars in the 3D version, and launching a series of games to show the MetaPassport utilities.

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