Hello, Web3 Game World, We are MetaPassport

Guess what? You will all need a passport to navigate the Metaverse.

MetaPassport (MP) is a Web3.0 game social pass that aims to become the on-chain credential curator of a player's Web3.0 gaming journey. We will kick off the journey officially in June. Join MetaPassport’s Discord for first-hand information.

MetaPassport (MP for short) aims to provide a one-stop solution for a Web3.0 gamer’s on-chain credentials, meaning that a player can hold a universal passport and travel across different games in the Web3.0 world. MetaPassport will record achievements you have made in Web3.0 games. Players can level up their MP by accumulating credentials, which in turn will help you obtain gaming assets in the MetaPassport ecosystem or by third-party games that work with MetaPassport. 

For every passport, you will need a profile picture. What makes MP special is that you can customize your avatar. Avatar customization is the first utility scenario released by the MP ecosystem. Players can customize their avatar, cultivate it, and level it up in the future. Once a player obtains the MetaPassport, he/she will be able to purchase avatars by opening various mystery boxes, collecting avatar suits, and dressing up the passport profile.

MetaPassport and avatar mystery boxes do not have an upper limit in quantity but the Genesis MP and Genesis avatar are limited. The Genesis passport quantity is 12,000 and the Genesis avatar quantity is 22,000. The Genesis avatar is split into 4 categories: Punk, Rock & Roll, the Year of Tiger, and Chinoiserie, with a total of 30 styles for you to choose from. 

For the players who purchase the Genesis passport, they will open up the opportunity to purchase Genesis avatar mystery boxes. Remember, the MetaPassport is a prerequisite for all your actions. You are then able to collect different series of mystery boxes and unlock different achievements by your collection, obtaining badges, and further giveaway rewards. The passport is unique to you so each wallet can only own one MetaPassport. What you need to do is to cultivate your passport, level it up, and empower your MP, moreover, your credentials in your MP will also help you obtain various types of assets in the MetaPassport ecosystem and from partners that work with MP, gaining long-term value for the holder. MP is just like your one-chain Web3.0 resume that you’re building. 

MP is now hosting campaigns for the early members to obtain a whitelist of their passports. Pre-register on MetaPassport website will be coming soon.

Join us:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Meta_Passport

Discord: discord.gg/metapassport


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