What is Mt's NFT?

Mt's Project Description

Mt's is a new social NFT product developed by CON LAB. Mt's will re-define your social relationship graph. Mt's image tells us that when we started to enter the crypto world, many people are the watchers, they were or surprised, or skeptical, or excited, or afraid. However, as an objective rule, the arrival of anything new alway create chaos, some won, some lost, some waited and waited.


Mt's are issued in 12600 pieces. Every Mt's has its unique characteristics and rarity. Mt's will help you realize your social value, allowing you to gain fun and income from your social connections and behavior. Mt's wants to flip the NFT market with new form of energy. NFT shall not be the chips in the hand of the rich, at least that’s not Mt’s. Mt’s owners help each other in a way that no one has ever done.

Mt's will issue the first 50 pieces as the seed, half of which will be given as Whitelist to those who have participated and contributed in Mt’s early stages, the other half goes to the first official mint pool where everyone can participate.

To obtain the first 50 Mt’s are required to go to Mt’s website, log into personal page for the Invitation Code(IC). ICs are the permission to participate mint. Make sure IC in the pocket prior to each mint round.

Mt's mint uses an incremental model with an initial price of 0.09 ETH.

Beyond the PFPs, go ride with mtier!

Mtier Rank Program

In order to promote Mt’s influence and build solid relationship among members, Mt’s has its unique incentive program, the Mtier Rank Program(MRP). Once user own Mt’s NFT, he/she becomes a mtier Noob. After completing 2*invites and both invitees successful mint Mt’s, mtier Noob go to the rank, the MRP automatically kicks in.

Each mtier has his/her rank(except the Noob), ranks come with different allowances. MRP reward is made of two parts: Share reward and Royalties. Share reward is an invitation-oriented incentive


Mtier1 invites 2*mtier2 and both mtier2 sucessfully mint Mt’s NFT, mtier1 will gain 24% share reward from mtier2’s mint costs.If mtier2 has his/her own 2*mtier3 minted Mt’s NFT, mtier2 will gain 24% share reward from mtier3’s mint costs, meanwhile mtier1 gains 12% share reward from mtier3’s mint costs.

Also mtiers will gain 10% of the royalties when their Mt’s NFTs are traded in the Opensea, etc. The specific allowance rate chart shows as following:

Funds Allocation

All mint funds will be distributed according to the following rules:
50.87% will go to Mtier Rank Program.
24.13% will be awarded to the CON LAB.
25% will be reserved as the Mt’s Community Treasury.

Royalty income will be distributed according to the following rules:
2.54% will be awarded to all users holding NFT and participating in the invitation.
3% will be awarded to the CON LAB.
4.46% will be reserved as the Mt’s Community Treasury.

The Mt’s Community Treasury:
20% of the Foundation's funds will be used for acquisitions and marketing.
80% will be reserved for bonuses.

When only 5% of total market Mt's NFT are remained, all bonuses will be shared equally.

Mt's DAO

All users holding Mt's NFT are members of Mt's DAO. Mt's DAO members can vote in project decisions and can decide how to use bonuses and whether to acquire new NFTs. Mt's DAO will in future be involved and influence the development of Mt's NFT as the core decision maker of Mt's NFT.

Reward collection

The mtier who have activated the rewards, can collect them on Mt’s official website. In order to better motivate new comer, Mt's NFT has been reorganized on the collection mechanism-all Mt's NFT that has collected rewards will be automatically destroyed. This deflation mechanism can increase the value of retained Mt 's NFT. After destruction, designated mtier will receive a new vMt's NFT as a credential to record your existing social network.

vMt's NFT Function

vMt's NFT is a derivative NFT after the original Mt's NFT is destroyed. 20% of vMt's NFT will be used as the seed for the next project and the rest can be redeemed for future CON LAB new projects. Holding vMt's NFT will also continue to maintain your existing social connections, meaning you will continue to increase the value  your social connections. Further more, holding vMt's NFT will also give you the opportunity to receive token airdrops.

What is Mt's

The Made-it's , The Miss-it's, The My-turn's!

This was a great movement that will eventually be remembered in crypto history. Free from the interference of capitals and authorities. There are no losers in this movement.

This time we are not a bystander, we are expressing our emotions in a way that will influence more crypto practitioners.

From this moment on, Mt's will change the world.

Mt's Redefines NFT

"The next era will be defined by today's social networking sites and the depth of connection given to users, and our job is to find the best way for users to share themselves" - Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

The value of relationships is based on the sharing economy, which means sharing one's state of being, one's information, one's interests, one's hobbies. The sharing economy model will gradually extend in the crypto world and will eventually even affect the entire physical society.

Mt's social connections will give new value to the NFT, with social connections tied through the NFT connection, locked in once for life. When Mt's NFT is traded or transferred, the social network will also be transferred and the social connections will be permanently recorded on NFT.

CON LAB Roadmap

CON LAB Roadmap
CON LAB Roadmap


Mt's is the first NFT series in the CON LAB eco-system to permanently record social networks through NFTs and continue them in a new eco-system. Minting a new NFT in the new ecology through vMt's NFT credentials you can reinstate your social network and continue to enjoy the benefits of sharing. Mt’s aims to build a perpetual social-fi  generator in Web3.

The CON LAB will create a decentralized NFT trading platform driven by influencers and the community through a perpetual network of social connections, with the proceeds of each transaction distributed to the platform's NFT holders to enjoy perpetual dividends and a true return of equity to the user.

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