World of Zaharoff Brand Partnership

MUSE dao
MUSE dao
January 2nd, 2022

MUSE dao has been presented the incredible opportunity to host Zaharoff’s Metaverse experience within our NFT World. A proposal is up to vote currently on whether we should accept the 0.5 ETH proposal in exchange for a fully developed brand experience adjacent to the Forest of Flowers.

From the proposal:

“Accept the proposal from Zaharoff to be their exclusive metaverse partner. This includes a parcel of land from our NFT World located adjacent to the Forest of Flowers, and will include development by our in-house to team to create a quest to earn an NFT redeemable for real-world Zaharoff product. Their offer is 0.5 ETH for the land and the development. Accepting this partnership will bring considerable traffic and interest to our world, as well as kickstart the economy of Freyagard. If this proposal is accepted, the deed for the World of Zaharoff will be minted and sold via private sale to Zaharoff. 0.5 ETH will be added to the DAO, and used accordingly to complete this project.”

The land will be accompanied with a quest for players to gather the ingredients to redeem for an exclusive fragrance from Zaharoff, only available to holders of the NFT from the quest. George Zaharoff will also host live events and streams from the World of Zaharoff, and an exclusive cigar lounge is only accessible if you pass the smell test (aka, you earned the quest NFT).

This will be an interesting medium to showcase a brand, allowing users to connect on a deeper, interactive level. The proposal passed with 48 votes for yes. Thus, the Zaharoff token was minted and sold for 0.5 ETH. Development has begun, and will be completed in parallel with the development of the rest of our world.

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