ZKX Protocol Public Testnet
Alpha Drops
March 31st, 2023

ZKX, a permissionless protocol for derivatives on StarkNet, has launched its public testnet after their Private Testnet in partnership with DegenScore which is also going to be followed by a 2 weeks-long trading competition with exclusive rewards.

Public Testnet
Duration: 2 weeks
Date: 30th March to 14th April

Trading Competition
Duration: 2 weeks
Date: 14th April to 1st May

Public Testnet

The public testnet has started and will end on April 14th. During this period, you can play around with the following features and functionalities:

  • Direct onboarding from L1

  • 3 UI options

  • 2 trading pairs

  • Upto 20x Leverage

  • 6 market order types

  • Leverage slider


  • ⭐ 40+ new & exciting quests

  • 🪙 Access to OG-level roles with rewards in future $ZKX tokens

  • 🖼️ Yakuza NFTs

All you have to do is play hard with ZKX & provide with your valuable feedback 🤝

Step 1: Get started

Step 2: Choose your Trading Experience Level

A Starknet L2 wallet is generated automatically when you create a Testnet account using your Ethereum L1 wallet.

Once your account is created you can choose a UI style based on your preferences. Choose Standard, Advanced, or Professional from the drop-down under your wallet address.

Step 3: Make Some Trades

Every new account created in the system has a starting balance of 10,000 USDC, so you do not need to deposit assets.

Step 4: Manage Your Positions

Review your Positions, Orders, Fills, and Payments

Step 5: Order Types

ZKX is providing 6 different order types: Market, Limit, Stop Limit, Stop the Market, Take Profit Limit, and Take Profit Market. Additionally, each market allows for simultaneous long and short positions, and limit orders come with various parameters, including time and force policies, order cancellation options, and post-only options.

Step 6: Provide Feedback

To provide feedback, click on the (?) icon on the top right

then click on the feedback and submit the form.

About ZKX

ZKX is the first perpetual futures exchange on StarkNet with self-custody and true community governance. The protocol is designed to provide further scalability with a decentralized node network, and an elevated trading experience and offer perpetual swaps and derivatives to any user on Starknet and Ethereum. ZKX’s mission is to democratize access to global yields through its offerings to anyone, anywhere.

In July, ZKX raised $4.5m in seed funding from backers including StarkWare, Amber Group, Huobi, Crypto.com and others.

Note that collecting this post is only to support the Alpha Drops team and does not guarantee any rewards.

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