Potential Airdrops: Domain Name Services
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August 20th, 2022

If you are a DeFi user, you should have at least heard about Decentralized Domain Name Services (deNS), also known as Blockchain Name Services (BNS). One of the most famous ones might be Ethereum Name Service (ENS) which provides .eth domains. The platform also did an airdrop. In this post, I'm going to list a number of domain providers that do not have their own token yet and are speculated to issue a token and reward their early users/holders.

  1. Unstoppable Domains
    Unstoppable Domains provides .crypto, .nft, .blockchain and other top-level domain names to users with no renewal fees. When a user claims a domain, it is minted as an NFT on the Polygon blockchain, granting the user full ownership and control.
    Funding amount: $72M
    Mint a domain: https://unstoppabledomains.com/?ref=2af751dabc6548d
    More info: https://aramz.super.site/upcoming-airdrops-2022/unstoppable-domains

  2. DotBit or .bit
    .bit (previously DAS) is a domain name service on Nervos network. They recently added a new feature that lets users migrate their domains to Ethereum network.
    Funding amount: $13M
    Mint a domain: https://app.did.id/explorer?inviter=aramz.bit 
    More info:https://aramz.super.site/upcoming-airdrops-2022/bit-dot-bit

  3. Space ID
    Space ID is a universal name service network that connects people, information, and assets across all blockchains and apps. SID is starting with .bnb on BNBChain and is currently in the phase of domain pre-registration.
    Mint a domain: https://space.id
    More info: https://aramz.super.site/upcoming-airdrops-2022/space-id

  4. BNS
    BNS provides .bsc domain names on BNBChain. Domain registration has not started yet. In order to get whitelisted for the domain presale, you need to hold a set of their three Genesis NFTs: T1, T2, and T3.
    More info: https://aramz.super.site/upcoming-airdrops-2022/binance-name-service

  5. Metis Domains
    This platform provides .metis domain names on Metis Network.
    Mint a domain: https://metis.domains/ 
    More info: https://aramz.super.site/upcoming-airdrops-2022/metis-domains

    The following name services are still on devnet/testnet:

  6. Aptos Names
    Names for the metaverse. Built on Aptos.
    Mint (devnet): https://www.aptosnames.com/

  7. Sui Names
    Name service on Sui network.
    Mint (devnet): https://sui-names.com

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