Optimisim Airdrop 2
September 7th, 2022

Optimism is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution powered by Optimistic rollups technology, developed to utilize the strong security guarantees of Ethereum while reducing its cost and latency.

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$OP Airdrops

Allocation: 19%

The Optimism Foundation will distribute a portion of the OP allocation to members of the Optimism and Ethereum communities in multiple waves.

Airdrop #1

The first user airdrop distributed 5% of the $OP token supply.

The addresses and amounts were chosen to reward Optimism users as well as attract core Ethereum users to the OP family. OP was distributed to more than 250k addresses.

Future Airdrops

14% is allocated for future airdrops in a different format than the first round. A large number of $OP tokens are given to several native and non-native Optimism projects to distribute them between their users.

OP Token Allocations
OP Token Allocations

First of all, don’t just be an airdrop hunter, but use Optimism and Ethereum. Future Optimism airdrops will reward active users who contribute to the network, so do what a real user would do.

  • Trade/swap

  • Provide liquidity

  • Lend/borrow assets

  • Vote (Snapshot)

  • Mint/trade NFTs

Future Airdrops: Projects that may distribute the $OP tokens

Projects that have already distributed or confirmed distributing OP tokens, to my knowledge, include Velodrome, Kwenta, Pooltogether, Pika, 1inch, and Slingshot. However, Slingshot and Pika still have tokens to distribute, besides, they themselves do not have their own token!

To make it clear, there is no guarantee that you will make you eligible for future airdrops if you perform any particular activities, but it’s more likely that using the protocols below may qualify you for some OP airdrops.

Protocols on Optimism that may distribute OP tokens
Protocols on Optimism that may distribute OP tokens

Other platforms you may use to maximize your chances:

  1. Across (Bridge)

  2. Bungee (Bridge)

  3. Orbiter (Bridge)

  4. Optimism Bridge

  5. Quix (Trade NFTs)

  6. Zerion (Trade & Bridge)

Also, visit this link to see all the projects on Optimism.

The key is to be a real user, not just a hunter, so try to use the platforms regularly. Stay up to date with their tweets and announcements.

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