Cults, Ego(ism), Socialization


Everything is a cult –– powered by human faith and devotion to keeping the bit going for as long as possible

  • Indoctrination by incumbent cults gives them an advantage, as authority begets authority

  • Lying is an inevitable result, as peoples’ reality is replaced by allegiance to the bit

  • What even the fuck is objective truth, and how do you find it??

Cults aren’t inherently bad, only the ones where cult membership supersedes the mission of the cult (and the mission is good)

  • Obviously death cults are bad and there needs to exist a system for people to retain consent and agency

  • Governments are our best solution so far, which doesn’t mean it will be the best forever (cults aren’t eternal)

  • If you don’t want the new cult you disagree with to win, you need a better, more appealing, friendly one that people can join

The only way to kill a cult is to create a stronger, more desirable one, and vampire attack the old one for membership and power

  • Life is about Aikido and Jokes –– using your opponents power against them, and making people laugh as you do

  • Conservation of energy means you’re not building from zero, you can use existing systems to create better ones

  • Laughter is the language of gods, tacit understanding of a greater potential. Absurdity reigns king in a chaotic entropic universe, and laughter is our best way to cope with an insignificant existence


Ego is the balance between humanity as a pest –– seeking carnal pleasure + hedonistic extraction –– and our divine existence as the supposed masters of our domain

  • Paradoxically, you should pursue the opposite of your tendencies to live a balanced life

  • If you are too self-centered, service to others will make you realize there exists a world beyond your view

  • If your desire is to fix everything on earth, the only way to achieve that is to begin by focusing on solving the issues with your Self

Egoism is the visceral negative sum mindset –– materialistically driven and in constant competition with each other and ourself

  • Psychopathy and schizophrenia are capitalism’s mental illnesses

  • Psychopathy is egoism’s extreme, where the very concept of others’ existence is unimaginable, and self-service comes without shame or doubt

  • Schizophrenia is the inverse to psychopathy, where the concept of self cannot be contained in a single bucket, and must be split into multiple versions

Radical internal-confidence mediates between our wholly unique selves –– as no one inhabits the same body and experiences –– and the inevitable fact that our lives are linked through the air, the earth, and the quantum wave we all inhabit

  • Aspirations, dreams, and hope keep us internally centered on a pursuit. As with cults tho, the end cannot justify the means

  • Individualism + specialization is the greatest gift to humanity, as outlier fiends can wreck any barriers on the way to their “actualization”. Whether the result is good or bad remains for us to decide.

  • Mutualism + generalization keeps humanity afloat. Without distillers, synthesizers, and social glue, our little experiment in sentient life would collapse on itself due to the weight of the egoism involved


Humans are a social species, with interpersonal exchange yielding the highest return on time

  • Free exchange of ideas, no matter how dangerous, is necessary for evolution

  • If your cult is more fun and welcoming, then it will automatically attract more people, from which it will become even more fun + prosperous

Cults are a way for people to establish communities with others they agree with

  • Given a globally connected world, with a simultaneous destruction of personal trust, common brainwashing (and memes) become a Schelling point for consensus, agreement, and good feels

Public gardens need to build for a range of egos in mind, from self to others

  • Paying sports players orderS of magnitude more than teachers indicates an overindexing on egoist paths

  • If the whole spectrum of desires isn’t appropriately rewarded, then we’re doomed to fall victim to the accidental indoctrination of future generations, who no longer want to be scientists but influencers

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