Introducing $4m raised from Aglae Ventures (LVMH), Alchemy Ventures, Naval, etc to create the paradigm shift of NFT-to-Product

Today we unveil, the platform taking NFTs from pictures to products. The hyper-financialization of NFTs has fueled mass speculation, contributing to the rapid decline in innovation and quality in the NFT space as a whole. Focus has shifted from creating to trading, leaving the world wondering if NFTs are meant to simply be another speculator’s paradise.

We beg to differ.

Crossing the chasm. Hello

There is a huge gap between the complex imagination of creatives and the tooling available to bring those ideas to reality, and the time is now to close that gap. With engineering innovation at the forefront, Vibe is redefining what it means to be an NFT by transforming one-dimensional assets into multi-dimensional products.

Through our platform, we enable NFTs to have:

  • upgradable interactions

  • functional robust application

  • custom NFT plugins

  • omnichain-native infrastructure

  • more..

With Vibe contract factory, NFTs can “contain” NFTs, EOAs, smart contracts or applications. It’s a product and application. Upgrade NFTs with loyalty points. Advance your levels and access. Register NFTs with physical redeemable, IRL activation plugins. Extend NFTs with a new NFT. The possibilities are endless.

Championing the creatives with engineering-first team 🛠️

Abstracting away the engineering burden, we streamline the end-to-end experience for creatives.All in one interface.From inception to mint to the post-mint experience. From ideas to products and from products to brands.

Creatives focus on the “what”. We innovate with engineering.

Vibe’s core team is comprised of previous founding members and key contributors from SushiSwap, Binance, GitHub, Coinbase, and more. We have spent the past months innovating, building, and iterating, and from here on out we will bring the true potential of NFTs to light.

Creatives focus on the “what”. We innovate with engineering.

things are about to get
things are about to get

Supported by Industry Leaders 🤙🏻

We are pleased to announce our $4 million fundraise with participation from industry leaders – Aglaé Ventures (LVMH), Alchemy Ventures, Soma Capital, TLF Ventures, PSY, P-Nation, Henry Lau, Naval Ravikant, and executives from Matrix Partners, Binance, and more. This foundation will supercharge our innovation & development, creative ecosystem, developer community, and more.

Vibe Season One

Vibe: Season One commences today launching on Arbitrum - the Vibe Genesis NFT. The signup window opened at 10:30am EDT for users to be added to our Vibelist and will close on Sunday 11:59pm PDT. Starting Monday, 1,000 users will be selected from the Vibelist to be able to mint 1 Genesis NFT at no cost. The Genesis NFT recognizes our early users’ support of Vibe, which we are extremely grateful for. Where possible, we will look to involve our Genesis holders in product updates and reward them with early access and Vibelist spots in future projects.

Exciting partnerships are already underway for Vibe: Season One with top-tier stars and creatives. Stay tuned on this week to get a spot on the Vibelist for our Genesis NFT, and be on the lookout for some other exciting announcements. Things are about to get ~messy~ 😏

Add 🤙 to your twitter handle. We are checking ;)

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