Introducing new avatar: Max Pain!


We are very excited to announce the release of Max Pain by XCOPY!
Max Pains are now real-time motion-tracking avatars available for streaming and video chat.

XCOPY is an OG NFT artist and a leader in the crypto art world. As an original artist on SuperRare and seeing success on Nifty Gateway with four launches on the platform, XCOPY creates artworks that explore the themes of ‘death, dystopic and apathy’ through distorted visual loops.

Max Pain is an open edition by XCOPY that was minted on March 2022 with a size of 7469 editions.

New Addition To The Trial Avatar

With the new avatar support, we have added one Max Pain to our trial avatar. Anyone who wants to try MYTY Camera without connecting their wallet or having to purchase supported NFTs can now start using Max Pain for free.

MYTY currently provides CryptoPunk #3421, Doodles #3819, GhostsProject #4367, Max Pain #3193 and Summer Glasses as trial avatars. More trial avatars will be continuously added.

We hope you enjoy the new avatar as much as we enjoyed onboarding it, and we will see you in the next update. Cannot wait to show you guys what we’ve been building behind the scene!


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