MYTY Camera v1.0 is now LIVE!

MYTY Camera is MYTY’s first metaverse application that enables you to express yourself as an NFT-powered digital identity. Not only does MYTY Camera animate PFPs, but also allows users to video chat and stream as their digital identity.

Even today, MYTY Camera users are actively utilizing their PFP NFTs that motion-track facial expressions for video conferencing, video recording, and image capturing. Since the beta launch in July 2022, MYTY Camera’s functions and avatar quality have continuously improved through the feedback of users. Finally, we are officially releasing MYTY Camera v1.0.


What Changed In MYTY Camera v1.0?

MYTY’s vision is to create a world where anyone can freely express themselves regardless of their in-real-life identity. While humans perceive happiness when expressing themselves without limitation and sharing empathy with one another, some things cannot be conveyed without shedding the context of the present oneself.

Thus, MYTY Camera utilizes PFP NFT as an avatar to enable people to express themselves more freely, escaping from reality’s limitations. Furthermore, we strengthened the expressiveness of avatars so that they could better demonstrate facial expressions and emotions.

AR Face Mode

AR Face Mode is a camera mode in which MYTY Avatar is applied only to the user’s face. Users can now communicate further using their bodies, hands, and background with the avatar only applied to the face. Based on the result of the user survey, we have determined that users are experiencing limitations when only using their faces in the beta version’s full virtual mode.

With the AR Face Mode, the avatar’s face size and position can be changed. Through this new function, users can accurately adjust the position of the avatar’s face to maximize anonymity by preventing a portion of the head or face from being exposed

Furthermore, the AR Face Mode supports a background blur function to protect the user’s privacy

Note that current AR-Face-Mode-supported collections are CryptoPunks, Doodles, and GhostsProject. Cool Cats, Moonbirds and Pudgy Penguins will be supported in the near future.

Faster Response Rate

MYTY Avatar’s response rate has also been drastically improved. Currently, MYTY Camera is using MYTY Kit to motion track the user’s facial movement. With the release of MYTY Kit v1.0 on October 28th, 2022, MYTY Camera can better detect users’ movements and facial expressions.

Release of Trial (Free) Avatars

Even without a wallet or a supported avatar (supporting CryptoPunks, Cool Cats, Doodles, GhostsProject, Moonbirds, and Pudgy Penguins as of November 17th, 2022), anyone can use MYTY Camera with the trial avatars. Before the launch of v1.0, users couldn’t use MYTY Camera without a wallet or a supported avatar. So, we have decided to provide trial avatars by purchasing supported MYTY Avatars.

Through this effort, we aim to actively support users to experience MYTY Camera and express themselves with a layer of digital identity. The Current (as of November 17th, 2022) trial avatar includes 1 CryptoPunks, 1 Doodles, and 1 GhostsProject. We will continue to add more trial avatars in the future to provide a fun and memorable experience using MYTY Camera and Avatars.

Trial (free) avatar CryptoPunk #3819
Trial (free) avatar CryptoPunk #3819
Trial (free) avatar CryptoPunk #3421
Trial (free) avatar CryptoPunk #3421

Use Case

MYTY Camera is being used as a means of communication as an NFT-powered digital identity by CryptoPunks, Doodles, and GhostsProject community.

  • Non-Refungible Network (NRN) Video Podcast
    NRN is a community-built network made to educate, collaborate, and create content for the NFT and web3 space. On episode #66, where MYTY was introduced, NRN hosted a video podcast using MYTY Camera and Doodles avatar. Every participant of the video podcast communicated using their own Doodles.
  • GhostsBuskers, GhostsProject Weekly Music Concert
    GhostsProject’s community member GhostX is an indie singer in real life. He hosts weekly music concerts using MYTY Camera. The music concert was held 19 times, and the participants of the GhostsProject community members wore their own PFP NFT avatars to communicate with each other and react to GhostX’s songs.

Have Fun With Your NFTs

In July 2022, RTFKT provided 3D asset files to CloneX. From this moment, CloneX community members began to host community meetups where they wore their CloneX avatars on video chat. These events showed CloneX holders’ desire to use their PFP NFT on video chat.

Unfortunately, other PFP projects, without fully rigged asset files, weren’t able to experience this type of communication with NFT-powered digital identity. For these PFP projects, MYTY is continuously onboarding and supporting more avatars.

60,000 Avatars Available

Currently, MYTY supports about 60,000 avatars from CryptoPunks, Cool Cats, Doodles, GhostsProject, Moonbirds, and Pudgy Penguins. MYTY provides the most avatars among virtual camera products that use NFTs, and we will continue to onboard more avatars. We are capable of rigging one 10k-PFP collection per week with our MYTY Kit.

PFP NFTs have been just profile pictures for Twitter and Discord for way too long. Be curious about how your NFTs will move along with you. Be curious about the unprecedented experience that MYTY Camera will bring to your ways of communication.

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