Introducing new avatar: Goblintown!
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December 1st, 2022

MYTY believes the PFP avatar is a crucial element in ushering in the web3 social metaverse.

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This is why we decided to first focus on onboarding different NFT PFP (profile picture) collections to our MYTY ecosystem.

We’re very excited to announce that Goblintown is now supported on the MYTY ecosystem, including MYTY Camera! Goblintown is now a motion-tracked, metaverse-ready PFP avatar collection.

With MYTY Camera, you can animate your Goblins through our motion-capture technology and use them as virtual filters on all the major webcam-based applications such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Discord. And it’s completely free. No subscription, no additional NFT purchase. All you need is your existing Goblins.



First, let’s talk about classification. Based on their appearance, we have grouped Goblins as following:

  • Normal (9,982)

  • 1 of 1 (12)

  • Djeimebdie (5) — Eligible for our exclusive tailoring service

MYTY currently supports the Normal (9,982) Goblins. That’s 0.18% of the entire 10,000-size collection. Then what about the 0.06%? The 1 of 1s and Djeimebdie Goblins?

Exclusive Tailoring Service (For Unsupported Goblins)

Congratulations! Rare means unique, and unique gems need special treatment. That’s why we’re providing a free tailoring service exclusively for these NavyBlue and Mirrored.

Those with 1 of 1 and Djeimebdie class Goblins can open up a ticket on our Discord, and our team will avatarize these Goblins just for you, without any cost. Once avatarized, these Goblins will be automatically supported on the MYTY Ecosystem, including the MYTY Camera.

Simply open up a ticket on our Discord and tell us which 1 of 1 and Djeimebdie Goblins you have. We will take care of the rest. It’s as simple as that.

Goblintown tokenIDs eligible for exclusive tailoring service👇#899, #1353, #1474, #2625, #3241, #3662, #4072, #4587, #4893, #5465, #5742, #5948, #6485, #6749, #7944, #8041, #8995


Now, let’s jump right into how Goblins will move. In the MYTY ecosystem, NFTs are animated through our motion-capture technology.

A) Facial Expression Animation

Differently from other PFP collections, Goblins’ left and right eyes have different shapes, and there are 27 different eye traits. MYTY supports all of them.

Furthermore, Goblintown is a still-image PFP collection with a limited range of facial expressions. For example, we open and close our eyes. Goblins’ traits don’t include eye-blinking. So, we created them ourselves.

Types of eye animation
Types of eye animation
Sample video of the eyes animation
Sample video of the eyes animation

Goblins’ mouth has as many shapes as their eyes. There’s 23 mouth traits and we support 4 different mouth shapes (default, ‘aa’, ‘oo’, and ‘ee’) for each mouth trait. That is 92 different mouths!

Types of eye animation
Types of eye animation
Sample video of the mouth animation
Sample video of the mouth animation

B) Body, Head and Face

Through MYTY Camera, Goblins can not only express emotions but also move their body, head, and face. Let’s deep-dive into what MYTY Camera enables.

i. Body

MYTY Camera controls the Goblins’ bodies by tracking the position of the user’s chest. As the below visual illustrates, Goblins will move left and right, reflecting the user’s movement.

Sample video of the body movement
Sample video of the body movement

ii. Head

Furthermore, MYTY Camera rotates the Goblin’s head based on the angle of the head viewed from the front.

Sample video of the head movement
Sample video of the head movement

iii. Face

Lastly, MYTY Camera track’s the user’s face orientation and lets the Goblin’s face position move accordingly.

Sample video of the face movement
Sample video of the face movement

C) Special Effects

We’re not done. We wanted to create a more dynamic and attractive Goblin movement.

i. Mesh Effect

Goblins have gigantic heads compared to their thin bodies and necks. Due to this unique characteristic, their body must move according to their head movement. To create a smooth and natural animation, MYTY applied a mesh effect to their bodies.

Sample video of mesh effect
Sample video of mesh effect

ii. Physics Application

Some Goblins have ribbons and socks on their ears. More specifically, these ear traits are Blingyfaweez, Warin der farree, Eermoffs. By applying gravity, we made the avatar move more dynamically when motion-tracking the users.

Sample video of physics application #1
Sample video of physics application #1
Sample video of physics application #2
Sample video of physics application #2

iii. 2.5D Effect

A technique that makes the goblins look 3D even though they are 2D is called the 2.5D effect. This 2.5D effect brings a more immersive experience. It will be most noticeable when goblins rotate their head.

Sample video of 2.5 effect
Sample video of 2.5 effect

AR-Face Mode

Almost forgot one thing. Goblintown is an AR-Face mode-supported collection.

AR Face Mode is a camera mode in which MYTY Avatar is applied only to the user’s face. Users can now communicate further using their bodies, hands, and background with the avatar only applied to the face.

Want to animate your PFP?

Any PFP can be animated by motion tracking and supported on webcam-based applications. Simply use our MYTY Kit (GitBook).

We only used MYTY Kit to make this happen. Nothing else.Rig your collection in one go with our MYTY Kit. Btw, it’s FREE.

👉 Take a look at our recent post: MYTY Kit v1.0 is now LIVE!

There you have it!

Through fully-rigged animation, Goblins have now become a motion-tracked, metaverse-ready PFP collection.

Simply download the MYTY Camera and start talking and moving as your Goblins! No purchase, no subscription, no charge; it’s completely FREE. All you need is your Goblins.

MYTY wholeheartedly welcomes Goblins to our ecosystem. We are so excited to see what Goblins will do with MYTY Camera!

P.S. Guess which PFP collection will join the MYTY ecosystem next.

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