Introducing new partner: Grin!

We are excited to announce a partnership with Grin!

Previously GmApp, Grin is the first Web3 app that enables holders, degens and creators to share stories and content with their NFT-powered avatars. No more photoshopping and video editing.

Grin is one of the first Web3 apps that integrated MYTY SDK and that imported 80k+ motion-capture avatars, which includes Castaway, CryptoPunks, CoolCats, Doodles, GhostsProject, Goblintown, Moonbirds, Max Pain, Summer Glasses and Pudgy Penguins.

We are excited to see Grin’s journey and how Grin will take the avatar utility to another level in empowering creators to share content with MYTY-powered mocap avatars. A new chapter in how Web3 socializes begins.

To learn more about MYTY’s vision and products, read out most recent blog post 👇

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