Exploring Blockchain Data: Interface as an Educational Tool
December 21st, 2022

While I Have You

Hello, my name is n0madz 🖖

I was born on Tezos, but since then, I've spread my awareness to Ethereum and Solana.

Most recently, I have enjoyed exploring writing and publishing on the blockchain and using blockchain and crypto technology to grow and build communities.

Here’s where you can find me:

How We Got Here

Sometimes, searching and scrolling twitter, substack, and mirror discord for diamonds in the rough pays off.

I’m unsure of where I found the proverbial thread that I started to pull, but here are some potential options:

It could be the Mirror discord post that linked to a tweet that took me to their profile, and then I was off to the races.

Perhaps it was the discord post linking straight to the Mirror post that educated me.

Or…it was something entirely different. I also uncovered bonfire.xyz, kairon, and denis nazarov (who, BTWs, has @literature as his twitter handle, like what a baller) in the same spree of discovery, but no matter how I got there, I ended up asking myself a deadly question,

What’s This Interface All About?

With this question in mind, I went to their interface.mirror.xyz (mirror domain very nice) and started looking around. #6 - 2022.11 (linked above) is a good one to check out for a brief overview of Interface. I saw the below screenshot

Pretty much sums it up while also leaving something to the imagination 👆😉👍
Pretty much sums it up while also leaving something to the imagination 👆😉👍

and then noticed that the platform was (or will be) compatible with Lens and Farcaster profiles, and I was sold.

I decided to take the leap and navigated to interface.social and connected wallet (danger, Will Robinson, danger) to see if I could join the beta. Thankfully, I scored enough points (basically, if you have a lens or farcaster profile, you’re good to go) to qualify for beta access to the app.

Here’s what the Interface points system looks like:


Challenges Faced Along the Way

Maybe I can be a bit of a ditz 🤪 sometimes, but around this point, I realized that I would have to download a test app to my phone (currently on iOS) and a few other things to test the interface of Interface.

I downloaded TestFlight to access apps in development on iOS, downloaded MetaMask, so I could have mobile access to my wallet (I know, I know, I felt dirty while doing it), and forwarded the link that Interface sent me to my phone to download the app.

From there, it was smooth sailing; the app and my wallet communicated flawlessly, and I had immediate access to on-chain data for my wallet and any wallets I followed. I didn’t fully comprehend what this meant because, again ditz, it quickly became apparent what was happening after just a few seconds.

Why It Matters

Interface is a graphical representation of on-chain data or an app for exploring the blockchain. I can’t speak to the Android version, but the iOS version has been very polished, in my opinion. My token data and NFTs load almost immediately (albeit I still have >100 NFTs in my wallet, so those with larger bags may experience a different story), which is super helpful for, I don’t know, checking to make sure my bags aren’t being drained or for showing off dope art to friends, family, and strangers that are soon-to-be friends and family.

Anyways, I wanted to share my experience using the Interface app in case anyone finds it helpful and/or useful.

🍻Cheers 🍻


Final Notes

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  • Interface is a graphical user interface for exploring blockchain data on mobile devices.

  • It’s still in beta, but those with Lens or Farcaster profiles will have enough points to test it out.

  • The iOS app has been very polished.

  • A great way to check your wallet activity (sales, offers accepted, making sure you’re bags aren’t getting drained in the middle of the night because you joined something called Interface (lolz)), checking to see what people are doing on the blockchain and showing off your NFT collection to friends and family (i.e., sitting in your dark room alone in front of the glowing computer screen marveling at the art you’ve collected).

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