Nakamigos-CLOAKS 101


EARLY ACCESS MINT (Nakamigos Snapshot)

Date: Thu 9/21/23
Time: 12pm – 3pm EST
Price: FREE (updated)
Eligible Wallets: Nakamigos snapshot 9/19/23 11:59pm EST ( supported)


Date: Thu 9/21/23
Time: 4pm EST
Price: 0.05Ξ
Eligible Wallets: Anyone can mint

All minting occurs via Nakamigos official site:




What are Nakamigos-CLOAKS?
Nakamigos-CLOAKS are 20,000 unique characters on the blockchain with worldwide gaming rights and commercial rights.

What is the rarity structure of the collection?
Main Characters. The Main Characters are human-like characters and wolves. There are three types of human-like characters: Warriors, Knights, and Archers. Archers are a bit more rare than the Warriors and Knights. There are also sub-types such as Sorceresses and Wizards. Each human-like character is also a member of one of seven clans: Water, Sky, Earth, Steel, Crystal, Fire, and Darkness. These clans all have roughly the same numbers except for the less-common Darkness Clan.

Attribute Levels. Every character has its own unique attribute levels in three categories. These levels range from 1 to 99 (lowest to highest) and are represented by colored bars at the top left of each character:

red = strength/power

green = agility/speed

blue = magic/wisdom

Warriors tend to have high strength numbers, especially with certain traits such as shoulder gear. Archers (especially the Wild Type) are known for Agility and Speed. Knights tend to have solid overall numbers. Higher wisdom and magic levels tend to go to more experienced characters and those with Enlightened Cloaks or Wizard Cloaks. Certain items can greatly increase a character’s attribute levels, especially the various Swords and Potions.

Forms. The Main Characters can also take on unique forms, such as Undead Reaper, Possessed, or Android (Good or Evil). Archers can also appear in Wild form. Wolves have four forms: Grey Wolf, Forest Wolf, Mountain Wolf, and Arctic Wolf. The first three wolf forms are fairly common; the Arctic Wolf is much more rare and has greater strength levels than other wolves.

Rares. The Rares are six types of non-human characters: Arctic Wolf (noted above), Komodo Dragon, Yin-Yang, Cheetah, Bat, and Black Panther. Of these, Bats and Black Panthers are the rarest. The attribute levels apply to all of these characters as well. For example, Cheetahs have the highest speed/agility levels in the collection.

Items. The collection includes a variety of powerful items, some of which greatly affect attribute levels. These items include Amulets, Symbols, Swords, and Potions.

What is the rarest type of Nakamigos-CLOAKS?
Black Panthers are the rarest. Bats are also very rare. Yin-Yang, Cheetah, and Komodo Dragons are also uncommon, as is the Arctic Wolf. There are rare traits as well, including the Key of Secrets.

How many traits are there in the collection?
There are more than 200 character traits in the collection. This does not include each attribute level – if those are counted, the total is over 500.

What is the pixel dimension of each Nakamigos-CLOAKS artwork?
24 x 24. This is the same as Nakamigos. It’s also the same as CryptoPunks. The 24 x 24 dimension holds true for all Nakamigos-CLOAKS characters, including those with light emanating from the swords and potions.

What is the image resolution of each Nakamigos-CLOAKS artwork?
Each image is a 2000 x 2000px PNG.

Are there additional 1/1’s in the collection?
No. Each of the 20,000 Nakamigos-CLOAKS is unique and there are no additional 1/1’s.

How many of the 20,000 Nakamigos-CLOAKS are available to mint?
All 20,000 Nakamigos-CLOAKS are available for Early Access Mint, which is for all Nakamigos holders from the 9/19/23 snapshot. Any that remain are available for the Public Mint.

What is the royalty %?



What are the “Worldwide Gaming Rights” introduced by Nakamigos-CLOAKS?
As provided in the Nakamigos-CLOAKS license: “The Worldwide Gaming Rights entitle any creator, company, or entity to incorporate Nakamigos-CLOAKS characters into any game, metaverse, or similar endeavor.” The full Nakamigos-CLOAKS license is here.

Can a video game company use Nakamigos-CLOAKS characters in a game?
Yes. The full Nakamigos-CLOAKS license is here.

What are examples of how the Worldwide Gaming License can be used?
A creator or gaming company can build a game that incorporates Nakamigos-CLOAKS characters (including their metadata, traits, strength levels, etc.). This could be an action game, first-person shooter game, role-playing game, card game, or any other game. The full Nakamigos-CLOAKS license is here.

Could a creator use the Nakamigos-CLOAKS metadata to create new art for a game?
Yes. A creator can use the Nakamigos-CLOAKS metadata as building blocks to create new artwork for a game – whether created by human artists or by tools such as artificial intelligence. Creators need not be holders of Nakamigos-CLOAKS NFTs to build such games. The full Nakamigos-CLOAKS license is here.

When creating a game or product are there restrictions on using trade names such as “Nakamigos” or “Nakamigos-CLOAKS” or “HiFo Labs”?
Yes. As explained in the Nakamigos-CLOAKS License, these trade names are protected trademarks and cannot be used in the main title or to imply that the game or product is officially endorsed. The game or product can reference that Nakamigos-CLOAKS are included or featured. The full Nakamigos-CLOAKS license is here.

Do Nakamigos-CLOAKS come with commercial rights?
Yes. Holders are granted the same commercial rights as holders of the original Nakamigos collection. The full Nakamigos-CLOAKS license is here.

If I hold a Nakamigos-CLOAKS NFT does that mean I can create and sell merchandise with the image of that CLOAKS character?
Yes. The full Nakamigos-CLOAKS license is here.

What are examples of how a holder could exercise their commercial rights?
The holder of Nakamigos-CLOAKS NFT #1234 can sell T-shirts with that character, create a beverage company based on that character, and can use the character for whatever commercial and non-commercial purposes the holder would like, consistent with the Nakamigos-CLOAKS license. The full Nakamigos-CLOAKS license is here.



When is the Early Access Mint?
Thu 9/21/23 from 12pm - 3pm EST.

Who can participate in the Early Access Mint?
Any wallet holding Nakamigos during a snapshot taken 9/19/23 at 11:59pm EST.

What is the Early Access Mint price?
FREE (updated).

How do I mint as part of the Early Access Mint?
Go to the Nakamigos official site ( for the official link to mint and connect your wallet on 9/21/23 (starting at 12pm EST).

I have multiple Nakamigos in the 9/19/23 snapshot – can I mint multiple Nakamigos-CLOAKS?
Yes. You can mint 1 Nakamigos-CLOAKS per Nakamigos token from the snapshot. For example, if you have 13 Nakamigos from the snapshot, you are eligible to mint 13 Nakamigos-CLOAKS during the Early Access Mint.

Can I use a delegated minting wallet via
Yes. If you hold Nakamigos tokens in a wallet during the 9/19/23 snapshot and wish to delegate a different wallet for minting, you can do so at the official site.

Can I use the same wallet from the snapshot for the Public Mint?
Yes, if you want to (so long as it is not a multi-sig wallet).

Will there be an instant reveal?
Yes. (It may take a few moments to refresh). Also, there will be no risk of unrevealed rare Nakamigos-CLOAKS being “sniped.”

How many Nakamigos-CLOAKS will be available for the Early Access Mint?
The full 20,000 will be available for Early Access Mint to ensure all eligible wallets can mint their full allotment of Nakamigos-CLOAKS. Those that remain unminted will then be available for the Public Mint.



When is the Public Mint?
Thu 9/21/23 at 4pm EST.

Can anyone participate in the Public Mint?

What is the Public Mint price?

How do I mint as part of the Public Mint?
Go to the Nakamigos official site ( for the official link to mint and connect your wallet on 9/21/23 (starting at 4pm EST).

Can I use a minting wallet for the Public Mint?
Yes. You can use basically whatever wallet you wish (except multi-sig wallets).

Can I mint from a smart contract or multi-sig wallet such as gnosis safe?
No. (This helps prevent bot activity).

What is the max number of tokens that can be minted per transaction?

Is there a max number of tokens per wallet?
Yes. 100 tokens max per wallet.

Will there be an instant reveal?
Yes. (It may take a few moments to refresh). Also, there will be no risk of unrevealed rare Nakamigos-CLOAKS being “sniped.”

How many Nakamigos-CLOAKS will be available for the Public Mint?
There will be 20,000 total Nakamigos-CLOAKS, and the number available for Public Mint will be those that remain after the Early Access Mint for Nakamigos holders.

Will the mint have provable fairness (randomness) in which Nakamigos-CLOAKS are minted?
Yes. This will be set up by the development team at WestCoastNFT and will be publicly available and provable. Update 9/21/23: provable fairness documentation



What is the official Nakamigos website? (watch out for fakes)

What is the official Nakamigos-CLOAKS website? (exists within the official Nakamigos site)

Is there a discord?
No (watch out for fakes)

Are there other social media accounts besides the verified Nakamigos Twitter account?
No (watch out for fakes). There is no separate Nakamigos-CLOAKS Twitter account. There is no HiFo Labs Twitter account. All announcements come from the verified Nakamigos Twitter account only: @Nakamigos.

Was there a donation to GiveDirectly?
Yes. Royalties related to the CLOAKS announcement were donated to GiveDirectly. Etherscan transaction.

Why did you change the mint price from 0.05E to FREE for holders?
A lot has gone into every pixel behind Nakamigos and CLOAKS, and we always want the focus to be on the artwork and characters. While creating CLOAKS over the past 6 months, the goal was to create an entirely distinct collection with entirely new characters and traits that retained the detailed 24 x 24 pixel art that Nakamigos are known for – and to ensure Nakamigos holders get priority over everyone when CLOAKS become available. We also wanted the mint price to be low relative to other collections, so it was set at 0.05E with priority for holders. When CLOAKS was first announced, we thought people would be excited about it all: the characters (wolves, warriors, panthers, etc.), the unique attribute levels for each character (strength/power, agility/speed, wisdom/magic), and the worldwide gaming license enabling any creator or company to incorporate the characters into a game. Instead, people were upset about the price and therefore not feeling good about Nakamigos or CLOAKS. This was the last thing we wanted, so the next morning we changed the price to free for holders. Some then suggested we actually did want people upset at Nakamigos so that more people would sell Nakamigos which would increase volume and royalties. Again, this was the last thing we wanted, and royalties related to the CLOAKS announcement were donated to GiveDirectly (Etherscan transaction). We are excited to have the focus on the artwork and characters, and we are excited for everyone to see CLOAKS revealed in full on mint day.


Stay safe! Always go to the official Nakamigos site for minting info:


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