Nakamigos Mint 101



Date: Thu 3/23/23
Time: 12pm est
Price: Dutch auction from 1Ξ to 0.01Ξ
Eligible Wallets: Anyone can mint


Date: Wed 3/22/23
Time: 12pm-4pm est
Price: Free
Eligible Wallets for Early Access:
• eos snapshot from 1/27/23 1:50pm est
• early access winners
• supported

All minting occurs via Nakamigos official site:




When is the Public Mint?
Thu 3/23/23 at 12pm est.

Can anyone participate in the Public Mint?

What is the Public Mint price?
Dutch auction starting at 1Ξ and dropping by 0.1Ξ every 10 minutes until a resting price of 0.01Ξ

How do I mint as part of the Public Mint?
Go to the Nakamigos official site ( for the official link to mint and connect your wallet on 3/23/23 (starting at 12pm est).

Can I use a minting wallet for the Public Mint?
Yes. You can use basically whatever wallet you wish (except multi-sig wallets).

Can I mint from a smart contract or multi-sig wallet such as gnosis safe?
No. (This helps prevents bot activity)

What is the max number of tokens that can be minted per transaction?

Is there a max number of tokens per wallet?

Will there be an instant reveal?
Yes. (It may take a few moments to refresh).

How many Nakamigos will be available for the Public Mint?
At least several thousand. It depends how many are minted the day before during the Early Access Mint. There will be 20,000 total Nakamigos, and approximately 17,000 are available for early access. It’s possible some people who qualify for Early Access Mint will not claim their Nakamigos – those will then be available as part of the Public Mint.

Will the mint have provable fairness (randomness) in which Nakamigos are minted?
Yes. This will be set up by the development team at WestCoastNFT and will be publicly available and provable.

Is Premint registration required to mint?
No. We considered this option but decided the best approach is to enable anyone to participate in the mint. Those who registered on Premint were entered into a raffle for 200 spots to mint a free Nakamigo during the Early Access Mint. The full allow list for Early Access is here.


When is the Early Access Mint?
Wed 3/22/23 from 12pm – 4pm est.

Who can participate in the Early Access Mint?
Any wallet that held an ‘end of sartoshi’ (aka eos pass) from a snapshot taken 1/27/23 at 1:50pm est plus early access winners. The full allow list for Early Access is here.

What is the Early Access Mint price?

How do I mint as part of the Early Access Mint?
Go to the Nakamigos official site ( for the official link to mint and connect your wallet on 3/22/23 from 12pm – 4pm est.

I had multiple eos tokens in the 1/27/23 snapshot – can I mint multiple Nakamigos?
Yes. You can mint 1 Nakamigo per eos token from the snapshot. (If you had 1 eos token in the snapshot, you can mint 1 Nakamigo. If you had 17 eos tokens in the snapshot, you can mint 17 Nakamigos.)

If I have eos tokens from the 1/27/23 snapshot, do I need to register at Premint or do anything else to be eligible to mint?
No. Premint registration was purely optional and entered registrants into a raffle to win a free mint during Early Access Mint.

Can I use a delegated minting wallet via
Yes. If you held eos tokens in a wallet during the 1/27/23 snapshot and wish to delegate a different wallet for minting, you can do so at the official site. Note that you will need to delegate for the entire eos contract or your entire vault wallet. (The option to delegate for specific tokens will not be supported).

I didn’t have eos tokens in the 1/27/23 snapshot, but I have eos tokens now. Can I use those for the Early Access Mint?
No. You can participate in the Public Mint. (The snapshot rewards eos holders from before the announcement of the partnership with Nakamigos).

Can I use the same wallet from the eos snapshot for the Public Mint?
Yes, if you want to (as long as it is not a multi-sig wallet).

Will there be an instant reveal?
Yes. (It may take a few moments to refresh). Also, there will be no risk of unrevealed rare Nakamigos being “sniped.”

How many Nakamigos will be available for the Early Access Mint?
Approximately 17,000 (any unclaimed will become available for Public Mint). The full allow list for Early Access Mint is here.


What are Nakamigos?
Nakamigos are 20,000 unique crypto investors coming to the blockchain with commercial rights.

What is the rarity structure of the collection?
Most Nakamigos are humans. There are 6 types of humans:

The non-humans are more rare. There are 6 types of non-humans:

What is the rarest type of Nakamigos?
Ghosts are rarest. Balloons are also quite rare. There are rare traits as well, including crowns, hoodies, capes, and more.

Where does the name Nakamigos come from?
The founder of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamigos are crypto investors – in essence, they are friends of Nakamoto, aka Nakamigos.

Where did Nakamigos first appear?
Nakamigos first appeared on Twitter on October 31, 2022 – the 14th anniversary of the Bitcoin whitepaper.

Do Nakamigos come with commercial rights?
Yes. Nakamigos holders are granted the same commercial rights as Yuga Labs provided for CryptoPunks in 2022. The full Nakamigos license is here.

What is the pixel dimension of each Nakamigo?
24 x 24. This is the same as CryptoPunks.

What is the image resolution of each Nakamigo?
Each image is a 2000 x 2000px PNG.

Are there additional 1/1’s in the collection?
No. Each of the 20,000 Nakamigos is unique and there are no additional 1/1s.

Are the Honorary Nakamigos that have shown up on Twitter part of the official collection?
No. Honorary Nakamigos will be minted as a separate collection, and each will be transferred to their likeness after the mint days.

How many Nakamigos are reserved for the Nakamigos team (including developers and mint partners)?
500 (2.5% of the collection)

What is the royalty %?


What is the official Nakamigos website? (watch out for fakes)

What is the official Nakamigos Twitter?
@Nakamigos (watch out for fakes)

Is there a discord?
No (watch out for fakes)

Are there other social media accounts besides the verified Nakamigos Twitter account?
No (watch out for fakes)

Who is the artist behind Nakamigos?
An “OG” crypto artist with many years of experience in digital art. The artist is anonymous but may choose to reveal their identity at some point.

What is HiFo Labs?
The anonymous entity behind Nakamigos with years of experience in NFT projects.

What is the relationship between eos and Nakamigos?
Nakamigos was looking for ways to get in the hands of a large and enthusiastic NFT audience. The creator of eos, Sartoshi, was looking for ways to provide value to holders of all the 16,999 eos tokens. This led to Nakamigos partnering for mint so that all eos tokens could claim a Nakamigo for free on Early Access Mint day.

Is Sartoshi part of HiFo Labs?

Who is the dev team building the contract and running the minting process?
WestCoastNFT, which has experience with some of the biggest NFT projects in the world (e.g., Doodles, mfers, etc.), built the Nakamigos custom smart contract and is handling the minting process. They also ensure provable fairness (full randomness) in the mint.

Who receives reserved Nakamigos and mint funds?
All parties noted above (HiFo/Nakamigos, Nakamigos artist, WestCoastNFT, Sartoshi) receive a portion of reserved Nakamigos and/or funds from the public mint for their role in helping to launch the project.

Stay safe! Always go to the official Nakamigos site for minting info:


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