Introducing Naminori
May 3rd, 2022

We are excited to introduce Naminori, an analytics tool that lets you see which smart money (i.e. influencers, whales...whatever you want to call it) is investing in what projects in a timely way so you can discover new promising projects.

We are starting with projects that are launching a crowdfunding campaign on first.

Official Links: Naminori Twitter, Creator Twitter, Discord, Website

Why Naminori?

Twitter is always full of noise and it’s easy to miss. Some smart money has alpha and some people don’t. We wanted to make an easy way for people to follow these smart money to discover new promising projects so you can get in early. Want to find a promising crypto project? Naminori is here for you.

Why start with web3 crowdfunding campaigns?

We believe that crowdfunding is one of the most prominent use cases for crypto. Most notably, last year ConstitutionDAO raised around $47M in such a short period from people around the world.

The number of crowdfunding projects on Mirror is growing at a rapid pace. In March 2022, we saw 227 crowdfunding campaigns raising money whereas there were only 3 in March 2021. That’s 74x in one year. We expect to see more projects coming.

Though the space is growing, we felt that there is not an easy way to find these new projects. You have to be on Twitter or Discord and watch out for their crowdfunding campaign announcement, and yet the smart money is always behind these projects if you take a closer look, so we decided to create Naminori to make the project discovery easy.

How Naminori work?

We currently track all crowdfunding campaigns on Mirror and smart money’s wallet activities and make it easy to discover new projects.

it comes with 3 core features.

  1. Feed
  2. Individual Wallet
  3. Trending Projects

Feed is where you see a list of people investing in various projects. If you want to see what projects a person has invested in the past, you can go to the individual wallet page by clicking the name.

Individual Wallet page is where you see a person’s investment records in 1 page (currently only supporting projects backed on

Lastly, Trending page is where you discover hot new projects based on who is supporting them.

Join our raffle for WL spots to get a Beta Early Access pass NFT 📣

So now what? Want to get involved? Here is how.

We will be launching our beta version on 5/6.

As we want to keep it small and be close to our users to iterate, you would need to hold our beta early access NFT to use our tool. We are opening up 285 WL spots this time via the raffle. The total supply for the beta pass is 300.

Join the raffle now from this Premint link before it closed on 5/5.

Raffle Open: Now

Raffle Close: 5/5 at 3pm in EST

Get updates!

and lastly, be sure to follow our accounts for more updates and potential giveaways!

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