Nazca Beta Dash: Claim Time-Limited NFT & Partake in a $5,000 Bug Bounty

🚀 The Ultimate NFT Campaign on Galxe!

Embark on an unprecedented DeFi adventure with the Nazca x Galxe Blast Takeover! Dive into the world of Nazca’s cutting-edge interest rate algorithms and seize the opportunity to earn exclusive NFT rewards. Plus, participate in our $5,000 Bug Bounty program and contribute to building a more secure & seamless DeFi ecosystem.

Why Nazca is a Game-Changer

Nazca’s testnet is a beacon for every DeFi enthusiast and yield farming adventurer, offering an unparalleled lending experience. As we gear up for our mainnet launch, our commitment to your security is paramount, with contracts meticulously audited by leading security firms.

At the heart of Nazca is the revolutionary Adaptive Equilibrium Interest Rate Model (AEIRM), setting new benchmarks for DeFi efficiency and solvency. Tailored for the Blast ecosystem, Nazca is the epitome of capital efficiency and maximized yields, all within a decentralized, non-custodial, and algorithmic framework.

Dive into the ETH and USDB Pools

The journey begins with our ETH and USDB pools, where guaranteed supply yields and the freedom of 0-interest borrowing await. This is your introduction to a world where your assets are not just stored, but actively working for you.

🕵️‍♂️ Join the Hunt: A $5,000 Bug Bounty Awaits

Our pursuit of perfection is relentless, and your sharp eyes are our greatest allies. We challenge you to find even the smallest glitches and help us perfect our platform.

Bug Bounty Details:

  • Prize Pool: $5,000 in USDT, earmarked for our most observant participants.

  • Reward: Earn $25 for each approved bug report, with rewards for up to 200 insightful contributions.

  • Event ends: Feb 29, 2024, 23:59 GMT

  • Rules: Detect any bug, from APR display errors to typos, and report it with constructive feedback in our Nazca Discord channel #bug-report. The first report of a unique bug claims the bounty.

About Nazca

Nazca redefines DeFi on Blast as the ultimate money market, offering the first-ever zero-interest borrowing and a unique Adaptive Equilibrium Interest Rate Model. This innovative platform sets a new standard, empowering both liquidity suppliers and borrowers with unparalleled efficiency.

Team: Nazca team is composed of 11 crypto enthusiasts and seasoned entrepreneurs. Our collective experience spans renowned DeFi projects on Avalanche, NEAR Aurora, and zkSync, with each project reaching over $20M in TVL at peak performance.

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