Welcome to the t.U.N.A. digital archive
Doc Type(書類): Member Communication(会員報告書)
Date(日付): Nov. 24, 2022
Subject(件名): t.U.N.A. digital archive project
Attn(宛先): Members
Cross Reference :  Admin, General, t.U.N.A. Archive
Filing Code : Gv1/76/jvmLL - Post001

Welcome to the t.U.N.A. digital archive.

(日本語は下記にある。Japanese follows below)

This is the archive for all documents related to the ongoing operations of t.U.N.A., including agenda & minutes from the secret meetings, as well as various operational, planning & strategy documents.

To some extent this will also include its public facing activities as UNITED NEKO ALLIANCE, but mostly in terms of planning, strategy and operations that fall under t.U.N.A. The media and content of UNITED NEKO ALLIANCE can be found on its public channels.

This archive will also host the results of the  NYANJUTSU DIGITIZATION PROJECT as it progresses with it’s painstaking restoration and translation of historical documents (some of them quite ancient) related to “The Art of Beckoning” - Shōdō 招道 or as it’s more commonly referred to Nyanjutsu ニャン術.

via 0xNyantaro

t.U.N.A. デジタルアーカイブへようこそ。


ある程度、これはUNITED NEKO ALLIANCEとしての公開活動も含むでしょうが、主にt.U.N.A.の下で行われる計画、戦略、運用の観点からです。UNITED NEKO ALLIANCEのメディアとコンテンツは公開チャンネルで見つけることができます。

このアーカイブはまた、進行中のNYANJUTSU DIGITIZATION PROJECTの結果も揃い。これは、「招きの芸術」に関連する歴史的文書(いくつかは非常に古い)の繊細な修復と翻訳に取り組んでいます。それは「招道」またはより一般的には「ニャン術」として知られています。


Notes by 0xNeil

Sorry for the delay in getting this started. As you can see from the post date, it was ready to go last November. It seems there was quite a lot of discussion related to the approval process for documents coming from the Archive and as well for internally generated docs. The main discussion point was assuring the accuracy of information, since it’s going to be published on a blockchain. The result was that we shouldn’t worry about having perfect docs. It’s more important to keep transparency and build in full view of the membership. So, you can expect errors and inconsistencies to appear in these documents, although everyone will do their best to maintain accuracy.  Now that this discussion is concluded, posts should start arriving in a more timely fashion.

Another positive side effect of this discussion was the OK for any novice or apprentice to post documents with minimal vetting - typically opinion pieces. These will be marked as such and should be taken as opinions of the respective authors and not representative of any position of the organization as a whole. The purpose is to fill in various details quickly and add diversity of opinion.

For now, I’ll likely be posting most of the documents as I receive them from various source via 0xNyanTaro. There is an automated posting system in testing now, so some posts should start arriving soon directly from t.U.N.A.



この議論のもう一つの良い副作用は、新人や見習いが最小限の審査で文書を投稿するためのOKでした - 典型的には意見文です。これらはそのようにマークされ、それぞれの著者の意見として取られ、組織全体の立場を代表するものではありません。目的は、さまざまな詳細を迅速に埋め、意見の多様性を追加することです。


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