Mysterious Video Excerpt
Doc Type(書類): Archive(記録)
Date(日付): May 6, 2023
Subject(件名):  Mysterious Video Excerpt
Attn(宛先): Members
Cross Reference : Investigations, GORO56, t.U.N.A. Archive
Filing Code : GO/ro56 - Post007

(日本語は下記にある。Japanese follows below)

In a surprising turn of events, an excerpt from a video has surfaced from the tUNA archives, brought to us by NyanTaro after being discovered by NyanPon. The content of this video is startling, appearing to depict a "dark ritual" conducted at the tUNA HQ. Even more disconcerting is the classification number under which it was filed; strikingly similar to NyanPon's own, yet clearly not his work.

Video excerpt of "Dark Ritual"
Video excerpt of "Dark Ritual"

The brief clip leaves us with an avalanche of questions.

Who were the participants of this ritual and what was its purpose?

How did this video find its way into the archives, and why does it carry a potentially forged classification number?

Additionally, an image resembling GORO ISHIHATA intermittently flickers on the TV in the video. Why?

Could this be tied to the rumors connecting some members of tUNA to Discordianism?

Presently, there are scant facts available, leaving the gravity of the situation ambiguous.

However, the implications may be significant enough to warrant a deeper investigation.

If anyone, be it human or NEKO, possesses more information on this matter, reaching out to us (anonymously if preferred) would be greatly appreciated.

(via 0xNeil)





さらに、ビデオの中のテレビには、一時的にISHIHATA GOROに似た画像がちらつきます。なぜでしょうか?





(0xNeil 経由)

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