Neko Profiles pt.1 (lost ShoNyan Shukan drafts)

(日本語は下記にある。Japanese follows below)

NyanPon came across a set of draft profiles of key NEKO that looks to have been part of series of articles for ShoNyan Shukan(招にゃん週刊),  a popular Manga style, news, culture and gossip magazine read by young Maneki Neko. ShoNyan is often considered to be a bad influence on them by older Neko. The author is unknown and we don’t have dates, but based on the content it was probably written about 3 - 4 years ago. It’s unclear how far along this series got in development or if it was ever published.

The manuscript has a note from the Editor scrawled in red ink on the first page:

Very interesting approach using POV of human world. Likely to resonate well with young NEKO. Unfortunately, we’re getting push back from t.U.N.A., even though we don’t mention them or Project Kizuna by name, and all NEKO are referred to by their aliases. It seems like the Kizuna cat is out of the bag - HaHa! Original idea was to feel out the ShoNyan ShuKan readers’ reception to something like Kizuna by passing this off as fiction, but leaks have prompted a backlash (and maybe worse). Good work, but need to put a pause this.


The NEKOs are all anonymous and possibly exist in another dimension. We only know about a few of them through their aliases. One of them goes by 0xNyantaro. 0xNyantaro is our go between messenger, and basically all of our communication with the NEKOs is channeled through them. Here is what we know.

0xNyantaro, is the enigmatic bridge between our reality and the realm of the NEKOs. They are the prime bringer of messages to t.U.N.A., a super-secret organization  focused on preserving and promoting the art of NYANJUTSU, also known as the art of beckoning good fortune. t.U.N.A is said to be fronted by UNITED NEKO ALLIANCE, an International Web3 / NFT community from Japan.

Cloaked in anonymity, 0xNyantaro's physical appearance, age, and gender remain a mystery. They seem to be keen to help but are sometimes a little too literal, coming across as part clerk, part librarian and part civil servant, but with a hint of wry humor.

0xNyantaro is reputed to be a 7th generation MANEKI NEKO, a traditional icon of good fortune. As a bridge between the two worlds, they have the challenging task of representing the secret society of NEKOs and preserving their ancient traditions while also embracing the transformative power of Web3 technology. They play a vital role in maintaining the t.U.N.A. / UNITED NEKO ALLIANCE mission, both in its public outreach activities and its secret operations.

Their origin remains a mystery, though they claim to belong to a lineage of NEKOs that have been passing down the art of beckoning good fortune for generations. Now, they have taken up the mantle to revolutionize the future of MANEKI NEKO by democratizing the art of NYANJUTSU, adapting it for the modern, decentralized era.

Despite the radical shifts brought about by technology, 0xNyantaro remains rooted in the tradition that good fortune is not just about wealth, but more importantly about the meaningful encounters and relationships that one forms along the journey. They embody this philosophy by fostering an inclusive and supportive community, where members are encouraged to be that good fortune for others.

[This is Part 1 in a series of profiles]



「人間の世界の視点を使った非常に興味深いアプローチ。若いNEKOにはうまく響くでしょう。残念ながら、我々はt.U.N.A.から反対を受けています。たとえ彼らやプロジェクト絆を名指しで触れていなくても、すべてのNEKOは彼らの別名で言及されています。絆の猫が袋から出てしまったようですね - ハハ!元のアイディアは、これをフィクションとして偽り、招にゃん週刊の読者の反応を探ることでしたが、リークが反発(そしておそらくそれ以上のもの)を引き起こしました。良い仕事ですが、一時停止が必要です。



0xNyantaroは、私たちの現実とNEKOの領域の間の謎めいた橋です。彼らは、にゃん術(招く良運の芸術)を保存し促進することに焦点を当てた超秘密組織t.U.N.A.への主要なメッセージの伝達者です。t.U.N.A.は、日本の国際的なWeb3/NFTコミュニティであるUNITED NEKO ALLIANCEによって立ち上げられたと言われています。


0xNyantaroは、伝統的な幸運の象徴である7世代目の招き猫として知られています。二つの世界の橋渡しとして、彼らはNEKOの秘密結社を代表し、古代の伝統を保存しつつ、Web3技術の変革的な力を取り入れるという難しい仕事を担っています。彼らは、その公的なアウトリーチ活動と秘密の作戦の両方で、t.U.N.A./UNITED NEKO ALLIANCEの使命を維持する上で重要な役割を果たしています。




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