What's an Ethereum address? Why do you need one? How do we Cubans get our ETH? The visual way

This is my very first infographic. I got inspired by my slides from the first assignment in the DLT Talent program. I tried to explain the concepts simply and also reflect my reality as a Cuban woman.

The questions were: What is an Ethereum address, why do you need one, and how do we Cubans get our ETH?

Aimara's way into the DLT Talent Program.
Aimara's way into the DLT Talent Program.

I hope you find this helpful!!! I had a lot of fun designing it and also learned a lot. What do you think? Any feedback is welcome <3

From Aimara, your web3 fren and official imposter.

About the author

I am a passionate web3 content creator and DEI advocate with a unique perspective on the decentralized world. As a Cuban woman with expertise in economics, business, education, and writing, I craft stories through my cultural lens to inspire Latin American women in web3 and increase visibility for underrepresented communities.

My core values of personal integrity, holistic well-being, creativity, and authenticity guide me as I promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the web3 ecosystem. Through storytelling, community-building, and authentic human connections, I strive to develop a creative and inclusive web3 space where all voices are heard and valued.

Join me in forging new paths and embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values in the web3 world.

You can contact me via mail via LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter (@nemerie0x).

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