Unlocking New Perspectives in web3: My Transformative Journey with MBCA

"There's only one way to look at things until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes." - Pablo Picasso

Have you ever found yourself trapped in the shadows of past experiences, hesitant to embrace new possibilities? In the vast and ever-evolving world of web3, it has happened to me countless times. The crypto side of web3 had always been an enigma to me. In my mind, it is still a realm filled with mystery, noise, and tales of dark characters lurking in the shadows. But what if I told you that by challenging those shadows head-on, you can uncover a world where your assumptions are shattered and new horizons await? This is the story of how I dared to challenge my preconceptions, and stepped out, once again, of my comfort zone. Here I tell you about how this transformative journey with MBCA shattered my biases and opened my eyes to the boundless possibilities of the crypto space.

Author: Aimara García Cabezas.

Challenging My Biases and Embracing the Unknown, once again.

Photo by Fröken Fokus
Photo by Fröken Fokus

My first encounter with Bitcoin in 2020 introduced me to a community that quickly became intolerant and egocentric. It was a space dominated by Bitcoin maximalists who firmly believed in their own supremacy. Their closed-mindedness, combined with my financial barriers, cast a shadow of a doubt every time I considered delving deeper into the crypto realm.

So when the team from Markets, Blockchain & Advanced Cryptography (MBCA) invited me to explore what they were building, a thousand red flags went off in my head. I hesitated. Suddenly, I was caught in a conflict between my past experiences and the realization that judging a book by its cover is never a wise choice.

Discovering MBCA and Breaking Stereotypes.

As a Scorpio, driven by curiosity and propelled forward by my husband's tireless support, I gathered the courage to confront my prejudices. I engaged in calls with the MBCA team, my heart pounding with anticipation, and my mind cautiously alert. As their mind-blowing plans and ideas unfolded before me, I prepared myself for the familiar arrogance and "macho" posturing I had come to associate with the crypto space, especially in the Hispanic community.

Yet, what I discovered on those calls was nothing short of a revelation. The air was devoid of pretense, replaced by an atmosphere of openness, respect, and genuine collaboration. I felt like stepped into a secret garden, hidden from view by the thorns of my preconceived notions. At that moment, I remembered what I had learned from Marie Roker-Jones about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Just like everything else, the crypto space cannot be considered a monolith, but rather a vibrant tapestry woven with diverse threads waiting to be explored.

This new experience, for which I was unprepared, felt like a breath of fresh air. The folks at MBCA not only listened to my radical ideas about web3 as a social movement and challenging traditional NFT business models, but they understood me. They valued my perspectives, appreciating the unique lens through which I tend to view the world. It was a fact that smashed the stereotypes I had attached to, leaving me with a newfound sense of opportunity.

MBCA: Opening Doors🚪 the Opportunities Await.

A portal to a world of boundless opportunities opened up to me as I entered the MBCA Discord server as their ambassador. The warm welcome surrounded me, dissolving any lingering doubts. In the back of my mind, Rob Thomas serenaded me with his song, "Shame." The only remaining shame would be to miss out on this incredible journey.

From the very beginning, what captivated me about the MBCA team was their passionate commitment to providing high-quality data in a secure environment. But beyond that, it's the chance to actively engage with exciting projects. Here, the web3 ethos, which encourages learning through action and earning simultaneously, forms a symbiotic cycle that intertwines these principles, pushing me closer to the financial freedom I strive for.

Some of the remarkable features that, in my opinion, set MBCA apart are:

  • Utility Delegation of their NFT Pass: NFT holders will now be able to rent the utility of their NFT without losing ownership. This means the ability to share the magic of your NFT with others while earning additional income.

  • Breakout Service: MBCA offers a low-cost ($25 per month) subscription service that allows you to confidently take advantage of market volatility. Interestingly, this service is included for NFT Pass holders.

  • Handmade Service: In a world already dominated by automation and artificial intelligence, MBCA prides itself on being 100% handmade. Every aspect of its service is carefully crafted by real people, ensuring a personalized experience.

  • Comprehensive Knowledge Base: MBCA's server covers a wide range of categories, including gems, early-stage projects, DeFi, NFTs, and more. They even provide support for faucets, bridges, and wallet customization.

And to think that my preconceptions, biases, and past experiences almost made me miss out on this incredible opportunity.

The Power of New Perspectives, A Journey of Growth.

Photo by Aaron Burden
Photo by Aaron Burden

This experience with MBCA reaffirms the immense power of embracing new perspectives. Breaking down the walls of my own prejudices has already allowed me to expand my horizons both personally and professionally. I am starting to see the crypto space as the vast canvas of possibilities it can be when surrounded by good company.

Web3 challenges us to grow as humans, embrace humility, and recognize that growth is a never-ending journey. So I invite you to embark on your own extraordinary journey. Break free from the chains of prejudice, challenge your preconceptions, and step into a world where hidden gems like MBCA await you. Let the power of new perspectives guide you as you navigate the uncharted territories of web3.

"There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path. Don't allow yourself to become one of them." - Ralph Marston

About the author

I am a passionate web3 content creator and DEI advocate with a unique perspective on the decentralized world. As a Cuban woman with expertise in economics, business, education, and writing, I craft stories through my cultural lens to inspire Latin American women in web3 and increase visibility for underrepresented communities.

My core values of personal integrity, holistic well-being, creativity, and authenticity guide me as I promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the web3 ecosystem. Through storytelling, community-building, and authentic human connections, I strive to develop a creative and inclusive web3 space where all voices are heard and valued.

Join me in forging new paths and embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values in the web3 world.

You can contact me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter (@nemerie0x).

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