The Path Less Hyped: Unlocking Sustainable Growth in Web3

In the world of web3, where promises of transformative change abound, long-term success requires moving beyond ephemeral hype and short-term gains. In this article, I delve into the importance of cultivating a project’s mission, vision, and values to authentically reflect its culture. Drawing insights from a groundbreaking study on the blogging habits of the top 1000 crypto projects, I uncover the pitfalls of buzz-focused marketing and advocate for sustainable growth. By aligning purpose with authenticity and emphasizing social impact, web3 projects can shape a meaningful and inclusive future. Join the conversation as I explore the four key aspects that unlock the potential for delivering authentic content, fostering trust, and building loyalty that stands the test of time. Let’s challenge conventional wisdom and embark on a journey toward redefining success in the web3 era.

Author: Aimara García Cabezas.


Web3 is stepping into a new era, captivating not only the minds of technologists but also visionaries, storytellers, and social changemakers. With its potential to disrupt centralized systems, foster transparency, and unleash the power of individuals and communities, web3 holds the key to a more equitable and decentralized digital world. But here’s the thing: to make this vision a reality, we need to go beyond the hype. Are we truly living up to this challenge?

The Research That Opened My Eyes

Recently, I stumbled upon an eye-opening study titled “What We Learned from Analyzing the Blogs of the Top 1000 Crypto Projects,” published by Guerrilla Buzz. This study shed light on some intriguing insights that demand my attention.

During their investigation, they examined major players in the industry, such as Coinbase and Binance, and were filled with inspiration. But as they dug deeper, they stumbled upon a disheartening revelation. Numerous crypto enterprises neglect the importance of establishing solid marketing roots. Instead, they get entangled in the whirlwind of token sales hype, pursuing fleeting bursts of growth instead of fostering sustainable and organic expansion.

The study’s findings revealed that numerous cryptocurrency companies overlook the importance of establishing robust marketing foundations. Instead, they focus solely on generating hype for token sales, resulting in temporary spikes of growth rather than fostering lasting success.

Figure 1 paints a vivid picture of a web3 project that thrives on marketing hype, as depicted in the study.

Figure 1: Visual representation of traffic to a crypto company solely relying on hype. Source
Figure 1: Visual representation of traffic to a crypto company solely relying on hype. Source

In stark contrast, Figure 2 showcases the website traffic for a web3 enterprise that prioritizes strong fundamentals and executes an effective marketing strategy centered around exceptional and original content.

Figure 2: The surge in traffic to a web3 business prioritizing solid foundations and impactful marketing campaigns with unique and high-quality content. Source
Figure 2: The surge in traffic to a web3 business prioritizing solid foundations and impactful marketing campaigns with unique and high-quality content. Source

It becomes abundantly clear that there exists a correlation between establishing strong marketing foundations versus relying on token hype for short-lived growth versus sustainable organic growth.

The research aimed to emphasize the importance of strategic marketing investments for crypto companies. They analyzed the blogging habits of the top 1000 cryptocurrency companies in 2023. Key findings include:

  • 35.8% of companies did not publish any articles on their sites in 2023.

  • Only 49.7% of companies posted two or more articles in 2023.

  • 84.8% of companies host their blogs on Medium, driven by its widespread adoption in the crypto ecosystem.

  • Only 10.4% of projects have a blog on their main domain, while 4.7% have no blog at all.

These numbers reveal a concerning trend in the crypto industry, where content marketing is often overlooked, impacting long-term success. To thrive, there is a crucial need for a better understanding of SEO and the development of long-term marketing strategies that prioritize building a company-owned online presence.

The Road to Long-Term Success: A Paradigm Shift

*While the get-rich-quick crowd is busy doing just that with crypto and NFTs, let’s play the long game for meaningful evolution. *Brian Solis

But here’s the burning question: Why do many organizations in the crypto industry struggle to create and sustain long-term marketing strategies that prioritize exceptional and original content, despite its proven impact on long-term success?

Token hype may generate initial interest, but for organizations in the crypto industry to truly thrive, they must venture beyond the glitter and focus on building strong foundations. They need to deliver authentic content that resonates with their target audience, fostering trust and loyalty that stands the test of time.

So, how can we achieve this? The answer lies in establishing a rock-solid mission, vision, and values for web3 projects. By aligning their content, marketing efforts, and overall strategy with their cultural identity, these projects can unlock the potential of four main aspects: sustainable growth, trust, and reliability, navigate the challenges of the competitive web3 landscape, and brand differentiation. Let’s break it down.

1. Sustainable Growth in Web3

It’s time for web3 projects to shift their focus from chasing quick profits and short-lived growth spurts to building solid foundations for long-term success. We’ve seen countless examples of projects that soared to meteoric heights only to fade away just as quickly.

To avoid this fate, projects must invest in effective content marketing. This means

  • deeply understanding the target audience,

  • identifying their pain points,

  • crafting compelling storytelling,

  • and providing valuable information that aligns with their mission, vision, and values.

By nurturing organic growth over time, these projects can cultivate a loyal community and attract serious investors who believe in their purpose.

2. Building Trust and Reliability

Companies that invest in their blog and content are seen as more stable and reliable players in the industry. By consistently publishing valuable content that reflects their mission, vision, and values, web3 projects can establish themselves as trustworthy and committed to long-term success.

This builds confidence among investors, users, and the broader community, resulting in increased support and active participation.

3. Resilience to Market Conditions

A well-defined mission, vision, and values empower web3 projects to weather the storms of changing market conditions. When faced with limited PR budgets or challenging circumstances, a project grounded in its core principles can continue expanding its community and attracting investors.

By staying true to their values, these projects can adapt to emerging trends while maintaining their identity and attracting like-minded individuals who believe in their cause.

4. Brand Differentiation

In the fiercely competitive web3 space, a solid mission, vision, and values become powerful differentiators. By authentically reflecting their culture and core beliefs through their content and online presence, web3 projects can break free from the crowd and forge an emotional connection with their target audience.

This authenticity and uniqueness contribute to building a strong brand identity, attracting loyal supporters, and greatly enhancing their chances of long-term success.

Photo by fauxels
Photo by fauxels


For me, Web3 is much more of a larger sociopolitical movement that is moving away from arbitrary authorities into a much more rationally based liberal model. Gavin Wood

Web3 possesses the potential to redefine our world but to harness its true brilliance, projects must embrace a solid mission, vision, and values. The study of the top 1000 crypto projects’ blogs serves as a powerful wake-up call, reminding us of the need for authenticity and sustainable growth.

As the web3 ecosystem continues to evolve, let’s recognize the significance of these foundations. Let’s prioritize long-term strategies, foster organic growth, and align our purpose with social impact. Together, we can shape a digital landscape that transcends the boundaries of mere hype and brings forth lasting brilliance.

About the author

I am a passionate web3 content creator and DEI advocate with a unique perspective on the decentralized world. As a Cuban woman with expertise in economics, business, education, and writing, I craft stories through my cultural lens to inspire Latin American women in web3 and increase visibility for underrepresented communities.

My core values of personal integrity, holistic well-being, creativity, and authenticity guide me as I promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the web3 ecosystem. Through storytelling, community-building, and authentic human connections, I strive to develop a creative and inclusive web3 space where all voices are heard and valued.

Join me in forging new paths and embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values in the web3 world.

You can contact me via mail via LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter (@nemerie0x).

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