BuidlGuidl FAQ

BuidlGuidl is a group of builders that build tools with Scaffold-ETH, meet & learn together. The goal is to empower builders to create resources and prototypes for the Ethereum ecosystem 🌟

What projects are built by the BuidlGuidl?

It's all about building forkable components with Scaffold-ETH. You can make a new voting system component, work on the open issues, make a new challenge for SpeedRunEthereum, etc. Make sure to have a well-written README so anyone can easily set it up.

In other words, builders have the flexibility to choose the projects they want to work on. There isn't a specific job description or app to complete; it's really up to your interest and creativity. For example, if you're interested in Ceramic, you can integrate Ceramic and Scaffold-ETH; if you want to work on a new SVG NFT game, you can do that.

More on https://buidlguidl.com/builds
More on https://buidlguidl.com/builds

How to join the BuidlGuidl?

You can join BuidlGuidl after completing the first 4 challenges on SpeedRunEthereum.

After building forkable Scaffold-ETH components, submitting them to your Builder profile, and being active in the BuidlGuidl Telegram groups, you can also get the opportunity of a BuidlGuidl Stream.

What is a BuidlGuidl Stream?

Active contributors can get a BuidlGuidl stream to earn money for building cool things.

This is a smart contract where the builder can withdraw ETH after submitting some work. The stream is set to a certain amount of ETH per 30 days. This is the total amount the builder can withdraw in a time period of 30 days. The amount is unlocked during the month, and the streams are re-filled periodically.

Builder Stream of 1.5ETH per 30 days
Builder Stream of 1.5ETH per 30 days

You can see all the builder profiles on buidlguidl.com; you'll find there the projects builders have submitted and how much they withdrew from the steam.

Builder profiles on https://buidlguidl.com/
Builder profiles on https://buidlguidl.com/

How to get a BuidlGuidl Stream?

Start by completing the first 4 challenges on speedrunethereum.com, which allows you to join the BuidlGuidl. From there, start building!

Create your own projects to help the ecosystem, start helping on the Github repositories, and/or help others in the BuidlGuidl Telegram channels. Help enough and you may get some small scholarships paid in ETH. Do enough good work and you'll get your own stream!

You can see all the builders with an active stream on the BG website.

How to withdraw from your stream?

First, once you've done some work, you can submit the project details on your profile page on buidlguidl.com.

Then you can withdraw some ETH from your stream. When you click “withdraw,“ you are asked to state the reason & provide relative links for the work.

Add the links and details for the work you've completed
Add the links and details for the work you've completed

How much should I withdraw from my stream for my work/build?

It can feel weird to price your work as a builder, but looking at other builder profiles can be very helpful. For example, you can look at similar projects and how much the builders have withdrawn. Also, feel free to reach out to the core team for similar projects to understand how much to withdraw.

Builders stream withdraws and details
Builders stream withdraws and details

How can I choose/decide what to work on?

If you have a project in mind, for example, a protocol you're interested in, you can go ahead and build your idea. There are also lots of opportunities to learn about new ideas and join projects looking for builders.

Where can I ask for help?

Make sure to join the BG Townhall Telegram group, each SpeedRunEthereum challenge also has its telegram group for specific questions about the challenge. When you join the BuidlGuidl, you also gain access to other developer groups.

Where can I follow BuidlGuidl?

Here are the resources to keep up to date:

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