NextMail: Mail to Everyone on Web3

NextMail is here to build the next generation Email protocol on Web3. Our mission is to build a non-stop communication system where everyone can mail to everyone, and truly return the ownership and utilities of mail data back to users.


The blossoming of native infrastructure for Web3 is gradually weaving a fascinating metaverse. Now, we can freely travel between different DApps and share the same data, we can easily find someone with the same interests as us, who hold NFTs, ENS, and interactions with DApps that are similar to mine. I started to wonder - How do I chat with the person behind this address? What if I could send email to any address?

Communication is the most basic human need, so there is NextMail.

What is Next Generation Email Protocol on Web3?

Based on cryptography, you can mail to Any Wallet Address even if it has not subscribed to our service, and all content is encrypted and stored on blockchain. Only the recipient and the sender can see the plaintext of the mail, others will only see the ciphertext.

Similar to Mirror to Medium, NextMail brings a classic experience similar to our everyday Email on blockchain, and at the same time introducing disruptive capabilities.

We believe that NextMail is a next-generation infrastructure that can disrupt Email, which everyone owns and uses frequently. This is also where the NextMail name comes from.

Breakthrough of NextMail


NextMail is based on cryptography technology to ensure that only you and authorized recipients can see your mails. This means that there will not be any role similar to a traditional mail service provider, who may check your mails without your permission.


NextMail is completely built on the blockchain, running continuously and stably, and is not limited to the existence of any centralized service provider. This means that you don't have to worry about the risk of downtime or even out of service like a traditional mail service provider. As long as the blockchain itself exists, NextMail will run like a fixed star.


Every mail in NextMail will be minted into a NFT that is entirely yours. This means that, for the first time, you will truly own your mails and have full ownership and application rights of the data, instead of just data stored in the mail service provider's server.


NextMail has no storage space limitations. This means that all your mails will be permanently stored on the blockchain, and there will NOT be a day when you run into storage shortage again.


You can mail to any address, it does not matter whether it is a subscriber of NextMail or not. This means that we can achieve a magical experience, when a new user starts using NextMail, he can retrieve all past email content that was sent before the service was even activated.

Why Email, not IM?

Email has proved to be an inseparable communication tool in both our corporate and everyday life. The emergence of NextMail allows Web3 to support more mature and stable application use cases, and people's communication based on Web3 will no longer be an obstacle.

In addition, due to the performance limitation and high gas cost of the current blockchain, we believe that building an IM system running on the blockchain will not have a satisfying user experience for the time being. That said, it is not wise to underestimate the speed of technological development, perhaps we will look into real-time communication project when the situation evolves in the near future.

How to Get Started with NextMail?

Join our waitlist now and be the First to try NextMail! We will send you an email (maybe the last time you need to use it) when it is time. In the early stage, we plan to adopt by invitation approach to gradually open up to users in the whitelist.

About Our Team

The NextMail team has worked in the world's top Crypto exchanges and the world's top Web 2.0 Internet companies, spanning across leaderships, developers, product managers and other roles. The core founders are also Web3 believers and senior entrepreneurs.

It is precisely because we have the experience of leading companies in both the Crypto world and the Web 2.0 world, we believe that we can not only deeply understand the needs of users, but also have the capability and drive to create a disruptive product with good experience.

The team operates in DAO mode now, and the code will be open-sourced on GitHub after the official release of the first version.

We are actively seeking global talents to join us! You will not be only joining a fast-growing start-up team where your talents and skills can fully come to shine. You are here to witness the new chapter of the metaverse, and be part of the history of Web3 with us, by making it together.


We're still in the early days, and a roadmap is necessary to guide us to our destination. We are carefully fine-tuning our roadmap and will share with all dwellers soon.

In order to ensure the rapid and stable development of NextMail, we consider using the entity organization for sustainable operation and commercialization. The planned commercialization model is member value-added services (refer to Discord as an example), and members can additionally display customized NFT avatar, exclusive badges and more advanced functions. We are also planning the development of Chrome extensions.

How to Support NextMail?

Contributing to the NextMail community is the way we encourage, and the strength of the community is the key to success. We're actively looking for contributors for this community. We need talent in copy-writing, graphic design, translation, events organizing, and of course builders! If you think there's something you can do, please do reach out.

If you wish to support NextMail by donation, the donation address is NextMail.eth. However, please note that we do not promise return for donations, so before you make a transfer decision, please make sure it is a donation without promised return.

If you are an early investment institution that recognizes the value of NextMail and the future of Web3, welcome to contact us and invest to expand the team to accelerate the development progress and enhance the community influence of NextMail.



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