Artist Spotlight, #6 Vicki Louise White - NFTSYD
June 9th, 2022

The NFT SYD “Community Artist Spotlight” *is *where we showcase the talented artists, creators and builders across the global NFT & web3 communities. We’re excited to showcase our next NFT artist and award winning Landscape photographer from Perth, Western Australia, Vicki-Louise White.

Easter Burn, Burning Skies by VLWPhotography (OpenSea)

Hi Vicki-Louise, please tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in North Beach in Western Australia with my first full time job being a Circuit Board Designer, I then moved into Event Management. Now my day job is in Marketing (with some photography).

I fell into photography through a time of tragedy & my images represent the light I saw after the darkness of grief had me trapped for many years.

I started photography in 2016 armed with an iPhone, I was on a holiday with friends in South Australia and I saw the most beautiful sunset and took a photo, something in me clicked, literally. The next day I walked for 10 hours, just shooting, I was hooked.

I shot every day up to 2019 when I purchased a Nikon Z6, I started again and attended workshops and online tutorials. I’m so proud of my achievements having received 4 Honourable Mentions in the 2017 and 2019 International iPhone Photography Awards, finalist in the 2017 Busselton Jetty 30 year Celebration Photo Competition, Honourable Mention in the Australian Photographer of the year, Mobile Category in 2018 and finalist in the 2016 and 2018 Blink Photographic Awards.

With the camera I have received a Commendation in the Landscape category in the The Australian Photography Magazine Awards competition, been featured by Nikon Australia and my images used for their My Nikon Life celebrations. And now here I am!

Aussie Bath, Sun Love Collection by VLWPhotography (Foundation)

What are some of your favourite themes to explore through art?

I am a landscape photographer who loves shooting the stunning scenery in Perth and surrounds, most of my images are seascapes as I am an oceangirl.

How did you get started in NFT’s?

In 2020, I started to use Twitter to promote my photography mainly targeted at physical print sales.

In 2021, I flipped my Twitter business model to suit the photography community after IG started to focus on video.

In July 2021, along with everyone I noticed the rise of NFT Photography and recognised the shift and new arm of photography, I saw value in this in terms of virtual worlds and art.

In August 2021, I signed up to OpenSea and spent a few months watching, learning, networking and listening to the all important spaces.

In October 2021, I dropped my first collection on OpenSea & Foundation in November.

Dreamy Night, Burning Skies by VLWPhotography (OpenSea)

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced getting into NFT’s.

Marketing as me, not my business and placing value in my images.

How do you see NFT’s changing your artistic career?

I don’t see it changing my career, I love my job! This is something I see working in with my long-term retirement plan.

Burnt Lake, Burning Skies by VLW Photography (OpenSea)

Are there any NFT lessons learned you would like to share?

Don’t undervalue yourself, take time away, you do not have to spent thousands of dollars for marketing and make sure you enjoy the space, as a photographer you will be able to enjoy speaking and interacting with fellow photographers, it’s amazing.

What are you currently working on at the moment?

I am working on adding to my collections on both Foundation and Opensea, my collections are evolving as I go, along with me.

Golden Sand, Burning Skies by VLW Photography (OpenSea)

Any advice you would give to artists entering the world of NFTs?

Do not share your seed phrase with anyone & don’t forget to follow people on Foundation.

Some great advice shared by Vicki-Louise and if you would like to stay connected with Vicki-Louise White, please use the links below,


**Foundation: **


Our aim throughout the NFT SYD Artist Series is to provide our community with practical tips and helpful insights to learn from emerging and established artist experiences, as you navigate through your own creative journey with Non-Fungible Tokens as a creator, collector or enthusiast.

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