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NFTSYD Pills #19 is here as your curated guide to the best of the Web3 universe. I've taken the complexity out it delivering high-quality content in an easy-to-understand format. Regardless of whether you're a seasoned crypto expert or a curious newcomer, we're here to help you navigate this exciting digital landscape. Together, we'll explore the future of the internet, understanding its implications and seizing its opportunities. The Web3 universe is open to everyone, and we invite you to join me in this exploration.

🎮 Google Play Changes Policy on Tokenized Digital Assets, Allowing NFTs in Apps and Games 👀

Google Play has announced a major policy shift, allowing developers to incorporate digital assets such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into their apps and games store. Developers offering the ability to buy, sell, or earn tokenized assets will be required to make it clear that there are blockchain-based elements in the app.

🤝Candy Digital and Palm NFTs Merger

In a significant development in the NFT space, Candy Digital and Palm NFT Studio have announced a merger. The new entity, which will operate under the Candy Digital brand, aims to create a leading global platform for NFTs. The merger will combine Candy Digital's sports and entertainment NFTs with Palm's focus on art and culture. The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2024.

🥤 Free Slurpee NFTs Served Up by 7-Eleven

7-Eleven, the popular convenience store chain, is celebrating its 96th birthday by giving away free Slurpee NFTs. The NFTs are available to customers who purchase a medium or large Slurpee on the 7Rewards app. The NFTs are designed to look like a Slurpee cup and come with a unique serial number.

👗 Gucci's Iconic Fashion Is Reimagined in Christie's NFT Art Auction

Luxury fashion brand Gucci is collaborating with Christie’s for “Future Frequencies, Explorations in Generative Art and Fashion,” a sale showcasing the work of leading talents in the digital art space. The lots, comprising 21 artwork NFTs, use artificial intelligence or other generative techniques to create vibrant interpretations of classic Gucci design elements. The auction will take place from July 18-25 on Christie’s 3.0, the house’s fully on-chain auction platform. The works will also be showcased on Gucci Art Space, the Italian brand’s own online gallery.

💳 Le Clu3 Brings NFT-Based Loyalty Perks to Private Banking

Indosuez, the global wealth management arm of French bank Crédit Agricole, has launched Le Clu3, a private NFT-driven membership club for its high-end clientele. The club was created by SiaXperience and French Web3 platform METAV.RS. The program aims to create a strong community of next-generation clients for wealth management. The offering includes a genesis “soulbound” NFT for members, allowing token-gated access to secret sections of the Indosuez website. The benefits will relate to the VIP treatment that partner brands reserve for their top clients.

👟 Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and Puma Drop NFT-Enhanced Sneakers

Apparel giant Puma and entertainment agency Roc Nation have teamed up for a new sneaker collection that’s tied to NFTs. Alexander-John and Emory Jones have designed the RS-XL Mixtape sneaker collection while the digital experience has been led by Legitimate, a startup bridging the gap between physical products and digital experiences.

🎮Cool Cats to Release Three New Games

Cool Cats, a popular NFT collection, is set to release three new games inspired by its NFT collection. The games, which include a mobile game, a play-to-earn game, and a virtual reality game, are designed to provide holders of Cool Cats NFTs with new ways to interact with their digital assets.

📅Krapopolis Sets Premiere Date

Fox Entertainment's highly anticipated blockchain-backed animated series, Krapopolis, has announced a premiere date of September 24, 2023. The series, created by Dan Harmon, co-creator of Rick and Morty, is the first project from Blockchain Creative Labs. The series follows a flawed family of humans, gods, and monsters in mythical ancient Greece. Fans can purchase Krap Chickens, a series of 10,420 NFTs that offer show-related access and other benefits.

🏍️BMW Motorrad's MetaRide

BMW Motorrad has launched MetaRide, a VR platform that offers motorcycle enthusiasts a unique opportunity to ride the new BMW CE 02 electric motorcycle virtually. The platform offers interactive activities and virtual test rides, providing a unique blend of real-world and virtual experiences. BMW Motorrad has extended its trademark protection to the metaverse, ensuring that its virtual products within MetaRide, including vehicles and clothing, are protected from unauthorized use and imitation.

💼Web3 in the Enterprise

As the global crypto market capitalization sits around $1.2 trillion, some industry players are looking to build upon enterprise businesses to grow the pool and potentially bring in greater adoption. ELOOP, a token-based car-sharing blockchain project, is one such example. The project allows community members to share the revenue of its electric car fleet in Vienna. The cars are Teslas powered on the Polkadot blockchain via Peaq network, which builds applications for vehicles, robots, and devices.

🌐 Animoca Brands' Mocaverse: Everything you Need to Know

The Mocaverse is an NFT collection from popular Web3 company Animoca Brands. It consists of 8,888 PFP (profile picture) NFTs, referred to as Mocas. The NFT collection gives access to Animoca Brands’ ecosystem.

🎵 Sound Optimism: The Beat of Progress

July 2023 was a month filled with optimism in the sound industry. Thanks to groundbreaking technologies, we are now able to create immersive audio experiences that were once the stuff of science fiction. These advancements are not just enhancing our enjoyment of music and entertainment, but also opening up new possibilities for communication, education, and accessibility.In line with the latest advancements in the sound industry, tackles significant Web3 challenges such as high gas costs and slow transactions. By leveraging the cutting-edge Optimism Layer 2 scaling solution, revolutionizes the music-centric NFT marketplace, offering reduced gas fees and faster transaction speeds. This partnership provides a seamless and efficient experience for collectors, enabling them to explore a wide range of payment options, including credit cards, Mainnet ETH, or Optimism ETH.

👓Sol Reader Raises $5 Million

Sol Reader, a virtual reality headset dedicated solely to reading books, has recently secured $5 million in a seed funding round. The device, which is available for pre-order at $350, aims to provide users with a focused reading experience by eliminating distractions commonly found in other digital devices. With its side-lit, e-ink displays reminiscent of Kindle devices, the Sol Reader offers a unique solution for book lovers seeking an immersive reading environment.

🔁 Polygon Proposes Token Switch from MATIC to POL for More Utility

Polygon, a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, has proposed a token switch from MATIC to POL. The switch is intended to provide more utility to the token and the Polygon ecosystem. The proposal is currently under community vote.

🏛️ Ripple Wins Case Against SEC as Judge Rules XRP is Not a Security

Ripple has won a significant legal victory against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). A judge has ruled that Ripple's XRP token is not a security, marking a major milestone in the ongoing legal battle.

💰 Tokenized US Treasurys Surpass $600M: The New Gold Rush?

In a significant milestone for the crypto investment landscape, tokenized US Treasurys have surpassed the $600 million mark. This development signals a growing trend among crypto investors who are increasingly capturing traditional finance yield through tokenized assets. Could this be the heralding of a new era in crypto investment, where traditional financial instruments are repackaged in a blockchain-friendly format?

🇧🇷 Brazil's CBDC Freezes Funds: A Cold Move?

In a move that has sent ripples through the crypto community, Brazil's Central Bank is currently piloting a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) with a unique feature embedded in its source code: the ability to freeze funds. This development has sparked a flurry of discussions among crypto enthusiasts and financial experts alike. The question on everyone's mind is whether this feature represents a step towards enhanced regulatory control, or if it could potentially serve as a stumbling block for users who value the freedom and autonomy typically associated with digital currencies.

🔮 As we wrap up this edition of our newsletter, remember that the world of crypto and technology is ever-evolving and full of opportunities. Stay curious, keep exploring, and until our next edition, happy discovering and innovating! 🔮



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