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Title: Dior's Limited Edition B33 Sneaker with Digital Twin Technology

Dior has unveiled its B33 sneaker as a part of its Fall 2023 collection. With a modern silhouette that reimagines the classic tennis shoe, the B33 sneaker showcases Dior's exquisite craftsmanship. It is made with a brushed-knit mohair material, combined with brown suede inserts, and features a padded tongue with an embossed Dior signature. The sneaker also boasts wide orange mohair laces, matte brown-finish brass eyelets, and a cream-colored rubber sole adorned with the Dior Oblique motif.

What sets the B33 sneaker apart is its integration of digital twin technology. Each pair is equipped with a secure NFC chip under the sole, which enables access to a platform where owners can obtain a Digital Certificate of Authenticity and other exclusive services. More importantly, each pair of the B33 sneaker is associated with its very own Digital Twin—a unique and secure digital replica on the Ethereum blockchain. This marks the first time that Maison Dior has incorporated blockchain technology in its products. The B33 sneaker is a limited and numbered edition, making it a unique fusion of luxury fashion and cutting-edge technology.


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Lacoste Dives into the Web3 World with a Gamified Ecosystem for NFT Holders

French clothing brand Lacoste has recently announced the evolution of its Web3 initiative, UNDW3, by launching a gamified, token-gated ecosystem. This new ecosystem is designed to incentivize users to engage in various activities and community events through NFT-related perks. Lacoste originally launched UNDW3 in June last year, centering around the release of 11,212 profile picture NFTs that feature the brand’s iconic crocodile motif. Initially, UNDW3 holders had access to limited edition merchandise and in-person community events. However, this expansion significantly enhances the program.

Users who connect their crypto wallets to the UNDW3 portal can now participate in creative contests, video game quests, and interactive conversations hosted by Lacoste. The UNDW3 “missions” will take place on both Discord and Lacoste’s dedicated website, unfolding over a series of seasons divided into month-long, themed chapters. At the end of each season, the top 200 most engaged users will receive rewards.

This initiative by Lacoste is aimed at establishing a mass-appeal, gamified experience to bring thousands of users into the brand’s ecosystem. This approach is in contrast to recent Web3 strategies adopted by other luxury and fashion brands, which have focused on tokenized mechanisms to reward a small, exclusive group of top customers with exclusive merchandise and tailored events.

Through UNDW3, Lacoste is striving to create a long-lasting digital space for customers and others seeking a more in-depth and reciprocal relationship with the brand.


Azuki Responds to Community Concerns, Announces Animated Series, and Faces Security Breach

Azuki, a prominent NFT project, recently addressed community concerns over its Elementals drop and announced an upcoming animated series. The Elementals drop, which gained significant attention, faced criticism for its similarity to a previous Azuki collection. However, Azuki's commitment to innovation and community engagement in the NFT space was overshadowed by a security breach. According to TheNewsCrypto, hackers exploited a flaw in Azuki's DAO token contract, stealing 35 ETH. The contract has since been paused. Members of Azuki DAO are voting on engaging legal counsel to recover the stolen funds. There are also allegations against Zagabond, the NFT project's creator, of involvement in multiple rug pull schemes. The Azuki community, which claims to operate in the interests of its members, is now under scrutiny. This incident underscores the critical importance of security and transparency in the burgeoning NFT market.


FIFA Dives into the Metaverse: Trademark Applications for VR and Beyond

FIFA is gearing up to make a splash in the metaverse with its recent filing of trademark applications related to virtual reality (VR) and more. This move signals FIFA’s intention to expand its footprint into the burgeoning world of the metaverse, potentially creating new virtual experiences for fans. With VR technology at itscore, FIFA's venture into the metaverse promises to bring innovative and immersive experiences to football enthusiasts around the globe.Source:

Ubisoft Dives into Blockchain Gaming with Champions Tactics

Ubisoft, a major player in the gaming industry, recently announced its first blockchain-based game titled Champions Tactics. The gaming industry has been tentatively embracing blockchain technology, and Ubisoft is one of the first AAA studios to fully commit to this trend. Champions Tactics is described as a "brand new PVP Tactical RPG experimental game" but details on how blockchain technology will be integrated into the game are yet to be revealed.

What is known is that the game will run on a blockchain platform called Oasys. Oasys is a decentralized blockchain video gaming platform that empowers both gamers and developers. It has partnerships with several major companies including Square Enix, Sega*, and Bandai Namco, all of which have projects that will utilize Oasys in some form.

While many gaming companies are exploring the possibilities of web3 and blockchain integration into gaming, the reception has been mixed. Some companies have faced backlash for minting NFTs, and the future of blockchain in gaming is uncertain. The success of Champions Tactics may be pivotal in determining whether blockchain technology has a substantial future in the gaming industry. The game, Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, is currently in development for PC.



DeGods Create Buzz with a Nostalgic 'Early Facebook' Feel, Embracing an Anti-Roadmap Approach

DeLabs, the startup behind Ethereum NFT projects DeGods and y00ts, is generating anticipation for upcoming developments by launching a cryptic website reminiscent of early Facebook. Rejecting traditional roadmaps, the website aims to engage the community through hidden clues and Easter eggs, fueling speculation about new features and opportunities for NFT holders. Teasers suggest the introduction of female DeGod avatars, changes to the gamified DUST token model, and a novel approach to expanding intellectual property (IP) rights for NFT holders. DeLabs aims to offer holders the chance to become official licensees of the brand, going beyond current models and creating a new standard for NFT IP rights called de[license]. By nurturing viable derivative brands, DeLabs aims to grant holders the ability to utilize the brand name and logo for commercial purposes, while ensuring quality control. The enigmatic website launch and IP rights expansion demonstrate DeLabs' innovative and community-driven approach to the NFT space.Source:

Stables card is now available to make online purchases

In a significant stride forward for the cryptocurrency market, the Stables card is now available for online purchases. This groundbreaking development means that stablecoin holders can now use their digital currency in much the same way as traditional fiat money to buy a variety of items from any online shop where Mastercard is accepted.

This unique offering extends to paying for popular subscription services, such as Netflix, Spotify, and Uber Eats. Now, users can binge-watch their favourite shows, listen to the latest music hits, or order delicious meals, all paid for with their stablecoins. This move ushers in an era of increased financial inclusivity, and gives a significant boost to the utility of stablecoins. Moreover, the Stables team isn't stopping there. Currently, they're exploring integration with both Apple and Google Pay to further streamline the purchase process for Australian users. Once live, this feature will allow individuals to directly purchase goods and services from their smartphones, making digital currency spending as effortless as a single tap. It's a brave new world for stablecoin holders, as they can now embrace the convenience and flexibility of mainstream e-commerce.Source:

Zora Elevates NFT Creation with a Creator-Focused Layer-2 Solution

NFT creation platform Zora has unveiled a new Layer-2 solution dedicated to empowering creators. By focusing on the needs of creators, this Layer-2 solution aims to enhance the efficiency and affordability of NFT creation, while maintaining a strong emphasis on decentralization. With Zora’s cutting-edge technology, creators can now experience a more streamlined and accessible route to NFT creation.Source:

Sony Invests in Startale Labs: A Step Towards Global Web3 Infrastructure

Sony has made a significant investment of $3.5 million in Startale Labs to develop a global Web3 infrastructure. This move reflects Sony's commitment to embracing blockchain technology and its various applications. Through this collaboration, Startale Labs will work on creating a robust and scalable infrastructure that could be pivotal for the mainstream adoption of Web3 applications and services.Source:

Niantic's Gamified Advertising: Introducing Rewarded AR for Branded In-Game Ads

Niantic is revolutionizing the advertising space by launching Rewarded Augmented Reality (AR) for branded in-game advertisements. This innovative approach integrates AR technology with advertising, allowing players to engage with branded content within the gaming environment. In return for their engagement, players receive in-game rewards, creating a win-win scenario for both advertisers and the gaming community.Source:

CrossMint Wallets: Your Gateway to Next-Gen Crypto Assets

CrossMint presents its state-of-the-art wallets designed to manage a wide array of crypto assets. With a focus on security and versatility, CrossMint Wallets facilitate seamless transactions and storage of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. These wallets are tailored to meet the evolving needs of users in the rapidly expanding world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, providing a reliable and user-friendly solution.Source:

Warner Music Group and Polygon Join Forces for a Web3 Music Accelerator

Warner Music Group is breaking new grounds by partnering with Polygon to launch a pioneering Web3 Music Accelerator. Through this collaboration, the two giants aim to create a thriving ecosystem for artists and fans, leveraging the power of blockchain technology. The platform will enable artists to have greater control over their work, whilst also offering fans novel ways to engage with and support their favorite musicians.Source:

Revolutionizing Yield Farming: CyberKongz’s Stakeless Staking on ERC-721

Description: In a groundbreaking development, CyberKongz has introduced a novel concept of 'stakeless staking' on the ERC-721 standard. This innovative technique aims to transform the traditional yield farming landscape by providing users with the ability to earn rewards without staking tokens. ERC-721, known for its non-fungible tokens (NFTs), is now empowered with a new utility that can potentially redefine how passive incomes are earned within the blockchain ecosystem.


Noggles ($NOGS) is a unique digital currency designed to push the limits of the ⌐◨-◨ meme

Social Staking and @nogglescoin are on their way.To ensure you're among the pioneers in social staking $NOGS, you'll require: A minimum of 1 NNS name and 1 Nounish Club number.That's why, starting now, over 5k Nounish users will have the opportunity to claim their complimentary Nounish Club.✨ Source:

Mirror’s Developer Platform: Unleashing the Potential of Decentralized Publishing

Mirror has introduced its Developer Platform, a groundbreaking initiative that seeks to unleash the potential of decentralized publishing. By providing tools and resources, Mirror empowers writers, journalists, and content creators to take full control of their content through blockchain technology. This platform signifies a major step in the progression towards a more open and decentralized publishing industry.Source:

Coinbase Challenges SEC Lawsuit

Coinbase, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought against it by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The motion was filed on a Thursday, and in the filing, Coinbase asserts that the digital assets involved in the case are not securities. This move by Coinbase is a direct challenge to the SEC's stance and regulatory actions concerning digital assets, and highlights the ongoing legal complexities and debates surrounding the classification of cryptocurrencies.


Worldcoin Makes Its Debut in Germany

Worldcoin, a project by Sam Altman (OpenAI), has recently launched in Germany. It offers a feature called "Sign in with Worldcoin," which has been integrated with Okta's Auth0 platform, one of the world's largest authentication and authorization platforms. This integration marks Worldcoin’s first foray into the German market. Worldcoin aims to create a global digital currency, and this integration with Auth0 signals its ambition to reach a wider audience. The Auth0 platform provides secure, scalable, and simplified identity management, which can enhance the user experience for Worldcoin's customers.


Mastercard Unveils Multi Token Network to Enhance Blockchain Transactions

Mastercard recently announced the launch of its Multi Token Network (MTN), a groundbreaking initiative aimed at bolstering security, scalability, and interoperability for transactions within digital asset and blockchain ecosystems. The MTN, specifically tailored for the industry, addresses four key aspects: trust in counterparty, trust in digital payment asset, trust in technology, and trust in consumer protections. Mastercard's MTN aims to support efficient payments and commerce applications by utilizing tokenized bank deposits and leveraging its experience in developing standards for its card network.

The four pillars of MTN encompass effective identity management, regulated payment tokens, scalability of blockchain networks, and a common framework to ensure consumer protection, stability, and regulatory compliance. The MTN builds on Mastercard's ongoing efforts in the blockchain space, including the Mastercard Crypto Credential announced in April, which sets common verification standards and infrastructure.

Raj Dhamodharan, Executive Vice President of Blockchain and Digital Assets at Mastercard, emphasized that MTN is one of the company's most ambitious projects in the digital asset space and represents a natural evolution in Mastercard’s commitment to offering a wider range of payment solutions. The beta version of MTN is slated for release in the third quarter in the UK, where it will serve as a testing ground for developing live pilot applications and use cases with financial institutions, fintechs, and central banks.

Mastercard is a renowned global technology company specializing in the payments industry, with a mission to foster an inclusive digital economy through safe, simple, smart, and accessible transactions.


The workforce welcomes AI-fluent Gen Z graduates, ready to make an impact

The youngest generation entering the workforce, known as Gen Z, is well-prepared to embrace and utilize generative artificial intelligence (AI) in their professional lives. These new graduates have been actively exploring the capabilities of AI, honing their skills, and discovering how it can enhance their work tasks. While some express concerns about potential risks associated with AI, most are fascinated by its possibilities and are eager to leverage the technology.

Gen Z, having grown up in a digital age, is open to adopting new technologies. They have been exposed to digital devices and services from a young age, making them comfortable with technology in their daily lives. Many Gen Z students have already experimented with generative AI, and some universities have even incorporated it into their curriculum. As a result, Gen Z brings their AI expertise to the workplace, accelerating its usage and integration.

Generative AI is being integrated into various workplace tools such as email providers, graphics editors, productivity tools, and coding programs. Pew Research Center's recent survey suggests that young adults, including Gen Z, are more likely to use AI compared to older generations at work.

These graduates are not only using AI for writing and editing tasks but also leveraging it for research, mathematics, coding, and financial management. They recognize that AI can be a valuable resource that saves time and enhances their skills rather than replacing them. While they acknowledge potential concerns about the implications of AI, such as spreading misinformation and reducing job quality, they remain optimistic about its potential benefits.

Gen Z sees AI as a long-term technology that will become an integral part of their daily lives. They believe that learning how to effectively use AI and staying ahead of the curve in terms of skills will be crucial for their future careers. By embracing generative AI, this new generation aims to harness its advantages and navigate the evolving technological landscape.

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