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Table of contents:

  1. Bugatti x Adidas Collaboration

  2. SBF's Fall From Grace

  3. Drawtech's Onchain Odyssey

  4. K-Pop NFT Space and Governance Tokens

  5. NBA Star Victor Wembanyama's NFT Record

  6. HSBC's Golden Blockchain Leap

  7. Elon Musk's 'X'

  8. Onboarding the World to Onchain with Jesse Pollak

  9. BAPE® X BAYC Collaboration

  10. Instant NFT Creation with Phantom Wallet

  11. Vodafone's Blockchain Breakthrough

  12. PayPal's Regulatory Milestone in the UK

  13. UK's Crypto Regulatory Blueprint

  14. Taiwan's Digital Asset Legislation Advances

  15. Onchain Gaming's November Revolution

  16. INC: Pioneering the Internet Economy

  17. Rarible Unveils RaribleX

  18. OpenSea's Shipyard Feature

  19. New Referral Bonuses by Mint.Fun

  20. Mastercard and MoonPay's Web3 Alliance

  21. CC0 Studios: A New Creative Frontier

  22. Andrew Tate's NFT Insights

  23. Variant's Investment in AI Artistry

  24. SongTech: Betting on Music's Future

  25. Onchain Cultural Memory

  26. LastPass Warning for Crypto Users


Bugatti x adidas: A Fusion of Speed and Elegance

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Bugatti and adidas have unveiled the X Crazyfast Bugatti football boots, a limited edition masterpiece crafted for maximum speed and style. With only 99 pairs available, these boots are engineered for performance, drawing upon Bugatti's 'Form Follows Performance' philosophy. The boots feature adidas's Speedframe sole plate technology for optimal lightness and rapid acceleration, complemented by Bugatti's signature design elements. The auction for these exclusive boots will take place on the adidas Collect Web 3 platform from November 8-11, offering a unique digital and physical ownership experience. This collaboration represents a seamless blend of sports performance and luxury automotive design, setting a new benchmark for football boots.

🔨 SBF's Fall From Grace

Sam Bankman-Fried, the co-founder of FTX, has been found guilty on all charges in a landmark case that marks one of the most significant downfalls in the crypto industry. Convicted of defrauding investors, lenders, and customers, Bankman-Fried faces up to 115 years in prison. The verdict sends shockwaves through the crypto world, highlighting the dire consequences of financial mismanagement and fraudulent activities. The trial revealed a harrowing tale of a business empire built on shaky grounds, with the collapse of FTX not only affecting individual investors but also shaking the trust in the crypto market. As the industry seeks to rebuild its reputation, this case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of transparency and regulation.

🎮 Pioneering Pixels: Drawtech's Onchain Odyssey

Drawtech emerges as the first-ever mobile onchain game, revolutionizing the crypto-gaming landscape. Launched on Halloween 2023, it's not just the date that's historic, but the game's concept, which is inspired by Reddit's r/place. Players compete to color tiles on a global grid, earning ETH rewards, and in less than three days, over 500 players have engaged, spending upwards of $30,000. Drawtech's significance lies beyond its immediate success; it's a proof to the potential of onchain games, pushing the boundaries of traditional gaming by leveraging Progressive Web App technology and embedded wallets for a seamless mobile gaming experience. This game could be a harbinger for the future of onchain gaming, marking a pivotal moment for the industry.

🎤 K-Pop Enters the NFT Space with Governance Tokens

Peter, an investor at 1kxnetwork, shares an innovative step in the K-Pop industry: the issuance of NFTs by a K-Pop group that offers more than just collectibility. These NFTs are unique as they can be burned to gain a say in the group's governance decisions. This move not only bridges the gap between artists and fans but also pioneers a new form of fan engagement, leveraging blockchain technology to empower supporters with a voice in their favorite group's journey.

🏀NBA Star Victor Wembanyama's NFT Record

Victor Wembanyama, the basketball prodigy of the San Antonio Spurs, has been making waves not just on the court but also in the digital collectible space with Sorare NBA. His NFT has recently sold for a record-breaking amount, surpassing his previous trading card record. The article from Decrypt details this achievement and delves into the numbers behind the sale.

💰 HSBC's Golden Blockchain Leap

HSBC has taken a significant step in the financial world by tokenizing gold stored in its London vaults. This innovation allows institutional clients to trade gold tokens on the HSBC Evolve platform, creating a digital twin of the physical asset using distributed ledger technology (DLT). Each token represents a minuscule 0.001 troy ounce, potentially paving the way for fractional gold investment. HSBC, a global leader in precious metals custody, leverages DLT to enhance the mobility of collateral and streamline settlement processes. While not the first to tokenize gold, HSBC's stature as one of the largest banks to do so could signal a new era of asset tokenization and investment.

🚀 Elon Musk's 'X' Marks the Spot for Finance

Watcher.Guru sheds light on Elon Musk's intriguing new project 'X', which is poised to make waves in the finance sector. Musk, known for his innovative disruptions, appears to be targeting the financial industry with 'X', sparking conversations and speculations among investors and tech aficionados. This move could signify a new chapter in financial technology, potentially reshaping how we think about money and investments in the digital age.

🌐 Onboarding the World to Onchain

Jesse Pollak, the first contributor at Base, a new Ethereum Layer 2 solution incubated by Coinbase, discusses the ambitious goal of bringing the world onchain. The podcast delves into Pollak's journey in tech and his pivotal role at Coinbase, where he led the engineering for retail services. The conversation explores the inception of Base as a radical initiative to decentralize Coinbase and the broader implications for the onchain ecosystem. Highlighting projects like Basepaint and Happy Friday coffee, the episode paints a vivid picture of the onchain movement's potential to revolutionize art, culture, gaming, and community engagement.

🐵BAPE® X BAYC: A Streetwear Twist

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has announced an exciting collaboration with streetwear giant BAPE®. This exclusive collection revisits classic designs with a playful twist, reflecting the era when streetwear was more about fun than fashion statements. The BAPE® X BAYC collection will be available first to BAYC members during ApeFest in Hong Kong and online on November 4th. Fans are eager for more details on this blend of high-end fashion and digital collectible culture.

📸 Instant NFT Creation with Phantom Wallet

Phantom Wallet introduces 'Camera Mint,' a feature that allows users to instantly mint NFTs from photos and videos taken with their mobile devices. This innovation simplifies the NFT creation process, making it accessible to everyone, not just those with technical expertise. With a few taps, users can upload media from their camera roll, add a title and description, and mint it as a Solana NFT in seconds for less than a dollar. This feature not only democratizes the creation of NFTs but also adds a personal touch by enabling users to immortalize their memories on the blockchain. Phantom Wallet is incentivizing users to try out Camera Mint by offering complimentary commemorative NFTs, which can be claimed within the app.

🔗 Vodafone's Blockchain Breakthrough

Vodafone's Digital Asset Broker (DAB) has showcased a proof of concept in collaboration with Sumitomo Corporation, Chainlink Labs, and InnoWave, aiming to revolutionize the $32 trillion global trade ecosystem. This demonstration highlighted the seamless exchange of crucial trade documents across diverse platforms and blockchains, addressing the fragmented and often inefficient system that complicates global commerce. Utilizing Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) alongside DAB, the initiative promises enhanced security and interoperability across IoT devices and networks, potentially transforming how trade documentation and financial transactions are processed.

💼 PayPal's Regulatory Milestone in the UK

PayPal has successfully registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom, marking a significant step in its cryptocurrency journey. This registration allows PayPal to start marketing its crypto services to users in the UK, potentially broadening the adoption and usage of digital currencies in the region. The move reflects PayPal's commitment to complying with local regulations and could pave the way for more secure and regulated crypto transactions for its customers.

📜 UK's Crypto Regulatory Blueprint

The UK government has unveiled its final proposals for cryptocurrency and stablecoin regulation, aiming to establish a phased regulatory framework by early 2024. The strategy is to integrate fiat-backed stablecoins into the existing financial regulatory system, overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This initiative is part of a broader ambition to position the UK as a global crypto hub, responding to industry calls for clearer regulations. The proposals also clarify the regulatory approach to NFTs, distinguishing between collectible art-like tokens and those that may function as exchange tokens. The government's stance on decentralized finance (DeFi) is to hold off on regulation, considering it premature at this stage.

📖 Taiwan's Digital Asset Legislation Advances

Taiwan has initiated the process of crypto regulation with the first reading of the Virtual Asset Management Ordinance Draft bill in the Legislative Yuan. The bill aims to define virtual assets and set operational standards for asset operators, focusing on customer protection and the requirement for exchanges to join industry associations and obtain regulatory permissions. The draft does not take a definitive stance on derivatives or stablecoins but opens the door for future crypto derivative-specific regulations. It also diverges from Japan's approach by not mandating third-party custodians for exchanges, instead requiring only the separation of customer assets from business funds. The bill calls for exchanges to undergo regular audits and inspections by regulators, setting the stage for more structured oversight of Taiwan's crypto industry.

🎮 Onchain Gaming's November Revolution

November is set to be a groundbreaking month for onchain gaming, with a slew of new releases and community events on the horizon. WASD Guild's launch is just the beginning, offering members exclusive access to in-game alliances, competitions, and chats. The article highlights anticipated game releases like Primodium v0.8, which promises enhanced gameplay with new alliances and objectives, and Small Brain Games' Words3 and Network States, which are expected to draw more players into the ecosystem. PixelLAW, a creative pixel manipulation game, and This Cursed Machine, a horror-themed supply-chain management game, are also on the list to intrigue and engage the gaming community. With major events like Devconnect in Istanbul, the stage is set for a month filled with innovation and excitement in the onchain gaming world.

🌐 INC: Pioneering the Internet Economy

An Internet Native Company (INC) is a for-profit organization that operates entirely onchain, proposed as an evolution of the joint stock company. This article outlines the vision for INCs, highlighting their potential to become first-class citizens of the internet economy. INCs are distinguished from DAOs in governance and operation, aiming to foster universal labor and capital markets. The piece discusses the challenges INCs face, such as regulatory clarity and the 'oracle problem,' where onchain actions must be mirrored offchain. It suggests a three-step path to make INCs truly internet native: incorporating onchain, granting legal personality to smart contracts, and making code law. The article advocates a 'demand first' approach to gain legal recognition for INCs, leveraging interest from founders and investors to negotiate with states. Recognizing INCs could bring significant benefits to the host state, including tax revenue and technological leadership, potentially marking the dawn of a new era in digital economic production.

🛍️ Rarible Unveils RaribleX for Seamless Marketplaces

Rarible announces the launch of RaribleX, a groundbreaking marketplace-as-a-service platform designed to empower both web2 and web3 brands. This service aims to streamline the creation and management of digital marketplaces, offering a turnkey solution for brands looking to enter or expand their presence in the NFT space. RaribleX promises to simplify the complex process of marketplace management, making it more accessible for brands of all sizes to engage with the burgeoning world of digital assets.

OpenSea Sets Sail with Shipyard

OpenSea, the leading NFT marketplace, has launched Shipyard, a new feature set to revolutionize the NFT space. This update is designed to enhance user experience by providing creators with a dedicated tab on collection pages, allowing them to showcase their work more vividly to potential collectors. The initiative underscores OpenSea's commitment to improving the platform's functionality and accessibility, further cementing its status as a pioneer in the NFT marketplace.

🎁 New Referral Bonuses Unveiled by Mint.Fun

Mint.Fun is enhancing the NFT minting experience with the introduction of a referral program that rewards users for bringing in new creators and collectors. This initiative aims to expand the platform's reach and foster a more connected community by incentivizing current users to share the benefits of Mint.Fun's cross-chain NFT projects. It's a win-win for the NFT ecosystem, offering rewards for both referrers and newcomers, and further solidifying Mint.Fun's position as a hub for NFT innovation.

🤝 Mastercard and MoonPay's Web3 Alliance

Mastercard is set to enhance its experiential marketing efforts by incorporating Web3 technologies through a collaboration with MoonPay. This partnership aims to explore how Web3 tools can be integrated into Mastercard's sponsorship portfolio to forge new consumer connections. MoonPay will assist in embedding Mastercard's products into the Web3 domain, ensuring trust, compliance, and efficiency. The collaboration is seen as a significant step forward for the Web3 ecosystem, with the potential to redefine customer loyalty and engagement. MoonPay's subsidiary Otherlife will be instrumental in this initiative, leveraging Mastercard's blockchain investments to deliver unique experiences and bring transparency to the space. This partnership was announced at Money20/20 in Las Vegas, signaling a commitment to innovation and consumer-centric approaches in the digital economy.

🎬 CC0 Studios: A New Creative Frontier

CC0 Studios announces its launch, a new venture dedicated to developing the worlds of public domain crypto-native intellectual property. In partnership with Atrium, they aim to produce a series of animated shorts, leveraging a network of artists and creators. Their mission is to prioritize art and storytelling over financial speculation, utilizing the power of public domain intellectual property to establish brands that resonate with audiences beyond mere financial gains. By tapping into pre-existing communities, CC0 Studios seeks to intertwine these groups to create expansive brand universes, accelerating the journey to reach a significant following.

🎬 Andrew Tate's NFT Insights

Larp von Trier shares a captivating video featuring Andrew Tate discussing the world of NFTs. Known for his controversial takes, Tate delves into the intricacies of NFTs, offering viewers a unique perspective on the digital asset phenomenon. Whether you're a seasoned NFT enthusiast or new to the space, this video promises to provide a thought-provoking take on the future of digital ownership and investment… Do you agree with him?

🎨 Variant's Investment in AI Artistry

Venture capital firm Variant has increased its investment in Botto, an AI-powered decentralized autonomous artist, by purchasing 3.75 million BOTTO tokens for $505,125. Botto, created by German artist Mario Klingemann, uses AI to generate thousands of art fragments weekly, which the community then votes on. The most popular pieces are minted as NFTs and auctioned on SuperRare, with the latest fetching 5.16 ETH (about $9,000). This model of community-driven art selection is gaining traction, with Variant seeing Botto as a pioneer in the evolving landscape of art and creation, potentially influencing other sectors where human-AI collaboration is key.

🎶 SongTech: Betting on Music's Future

SongTech introduces a novel marketplace for songs, allowing users to bet on any song by submitting a Spotify link and earning a token. This token can accrue trading fees or increase in value, providing economic freedom for artists and fans. The platform operates with a 0.001 ETH fee for market creation and offers a unique model where artists receive a wallet upon their song's submission, ensuring they can claim earnings without prior setup. SongTech's phased rollout aims to refine the system based on community feedback, starting with a limited number of songs and expanding as they iterate. This approach to onchain music betting is pioneering, potentially reshaping artist compensation and fan engagement in the music industry.

🧠 Onchain Cultural Memory

Exploring the concept of cultural memory, this article delves into how blockchain communities like Nouns can harness shared storage to evolve their world-building efforts. It presents a vision where the technical landscape of Nouns, with its core contracts and surrounding sea of projects, forms a cultural memory—a physical block space embodying a common idea. The author suggests a shift from fragmented protocols to a community operating system, where art and user-generated content share onchain space, reflecting the community's cultural value. The implementation of cultural memory could see communities managing their own onchain worlds, fostering expansion and innovation. This approach promises a more interconnected and discoverable ecosystem, potentially transforming how we perceive and engage with digital communities.

🔐 LastPass Warning for Crypto Users

Crypto users who utilize LastPass for their password management should take immediate action due to a security breach. On-chain analysts have discovered a connection between a series of crypto thefts and a hack of LastPass. The attackers have already stolen over $39 million. The heist has targeted users who believed their hardware wallets were secure, raising alarms about the vulnerability of even the most security-conscious practices. This incident underscores the importance of robust security measures and constant vigilance in the digital asset space.


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