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June 9th, 2022

Welcome to the NFTSYD Community Spotlight, where we shine a light on the uniquely talented creators, artists and enthusiasts showcasing their work, and interviewing them on the thought process behind their art, their experience as a creator, and their journey into this new and exciting space.

Biba @SecretlyFamous
Biba @SecretlyFamous

Biba @SecretlyFamous

This week we are very excited to shine the Spotlight on Bība; a multi-disciplinary Artist, Futurist and Musician based in Yalikavak, a small marina town in the South of Turkey.

Hi Bība, tell us a little bit about yourself?

I consider myself a priestess above all. Then an artist. I have a background in startups, tech, design and branding. I am also a meditation teacher and life long practitioner, and since 2014 have blended my skills and passions, and dedicated myself to creating moments of joyful transformation that are accessible, impactful and creative. I have created guided mindful experiences for brands like JetBlue, Uber, Edition Hotels, Listerine and Stella Artois. My work has been featured in Vogue, Men’s Health, Wired, MarieClaire Turkey, CNBC and more. I was on the founding team of Inscape NYC, in which Gary Vee was an early investor.

What are your favorite themes to explore through your art?

**Bība: I **create at the intersection of art and awakening. A core principle I include is participation from the audience, and often a sense of impermanence, the idea of having a moment and then it is gone. Before Web3 temporary installation art inspired me. Reclaiming a sense of ritual and meaning in a modern joyful way. Pushing the idea of installation further, I use music, movement and intention to create immersive interactive performance art. As a multi-disciplinary artist I like to create worlds in which people can discover something new and reclaim the space of their heart.

How did you get started in NFTs?

**Bība: **My best friend started working in a blockchain company and she texted me one day. ‘You should mint something..’ So I googled ‘how to become a cryptoartist’ and that was that. Brought my dead twitter account back to life and after 3 months learning I minted my first piece, a Music NFT.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced whilst getting into NFTs?

Even as a slow living advocate, I find the excitement and learning curve all-absorbing and my self-care went out the window. I have created a number of startups and that drive and energy in the early years is useful but not sustainable. NFT projects are startups and do demand alot of ones time and focus.So the challange has been returning to my daily routines and keeping IRL (in real life) intact!

How do you see NFTs changing your artistic career?

Profound change. As I contemplated a good use of this digital medium for the main kind of art I create: installation, interactive, meaningful. The lights went on, and my art has not only been given new platforms, but these have amplified the actual dimensions of what I can create and the ways I can engage with people. The financial side is also grounding because, through NFTs the emphermal nature of my art and music can now be valued and exchanged, rather than just consumed.

Are there any NFT lessons learned you’d like to share?

Come with newness, open to unlearn and play a new game in business and life. Web3 is a technology that allows creators and their audience to have such a different connection, that takes some recalibration and getting used to. Web2 has become a kind of heartless one way conversation of self promotion and waiting to be picked. Web3 changes all this, and opens a community centered dynamic, especially in Web3 Music, artists can reclaim so much that they have sacrificed. And its something to really pay attention to and discover what it means to actually be what I call ‘artist-as-enterpreneur.’ The lesson is that I am building my own platform, all artists in Web3 are. That’s how the decentralization and community building happens.

NFTSYD: What projects are you working on now?

**Bība: **My project is called The Tenth Door, it is a multi-media project that blurs the lines of art and awakening, living on the blockchain and IRL (in real life). It based on the prophesy of 144,000 light beings that have been sent to Earth to assist in the next evolution to LIGHT. This project genesis began 21 Dec 2021, with The Emerald Seed collection, the first drop being the audio art track called 2021/A ritual for our time, released as a collectable of 108 Emerald Keys. The collectors are people who are inspired by the core idea: Let there be LIGHT in the metaverse.

What advice would you give to artists interested in entering the world of NFTs?

Start slowly, learning as much as you can, listen to hours and hours of NFT Twitter Spaces, meet the people who are doing it well, and contribute to the community. Also understand the medium and listen to your inner calling as an artist, and seeing how best to use this technology to share your creative expressions. Ask for help and all the dumb questions. We are all learning together. Let go of Web2 trauma, ignore the voices in your head, heal, and be courageous and get ready to create your future.

We’re super inspired by Bība’s immense talent, vibe and intention as a multi-disciplinary artist and as a community builder helping to elevate and promote others in the wider NFT Community. Be sure to stay connected to Bība’s social media links and awesome projects below.


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