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Welcome to the Artist Spotlight Interview Series, where we showcase talented artists, creators and NFT projects across the WEB 3 community.

This week’s featured NFT artist, is an author, poet and educator and co-founder of the NFT3 Collective; a community with the sole aim of providing connection, support & education for newcomers to the NFT space.

Our Co-Founders, Simo and Karl first connected with Lisa when they hosted a Twitter Space a few months before the Official IRL NFTSYD event which was held in April. We learned about Lisa’s creative and unique journey into the NFT space and we’re excited to share the full interview with the NFTSYD Community.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Lisa Kalma, an NFT artist, author, poet, visual storyteller, mentor and educator. I live in Australia’s beautiful bush capital, Canberra, with my husband and son. I love nature walks, learning new things, and being a goofball with my family.

I’m also a co-founder of the NFT3 Collective; a community with the sole aim of providing connection, support & education for newcomers to the NFT space. My purpose is to spread joy and kindness, connect people and support newcomers to the space.

How would you define your artistic style?

I would define my artistic style as bright and colourful, a little bit fantastical, a little bit whimsy, a little bit abstract and a whole lot of love and joy. I am into the details and when I’m drawing them I get into a flow state, which I just adore.

As well as art, I enjoy using my writing and voice in the NFT space — and that’s something I want to do more of in the future. My latest NFT is not only art but if you are a holder of two particular pieces that’s your ticket to a virtual book reading I’m planning for the future. Attendees will receive a POAP after too!

What’s your goal when making art?

Much like other artists, my art is an expression of an emotion or memory. To create I have to be inspired by a feeling or emotion and then I tell the story through my art. I write a poem to go with each of my NFTs to express the story of the art through the written word, and I’ve even narrated the poem over one of my NFTs in my latest collection on Solsea.

All my art is designed to inspire joy and intrigue with the use of bright colours and tiny hidden details that keep the viewer looking and curious for more.

How did you get started in NFTs?

I am an author, educator and artist and I was convinced by a friend in October 2021 to create a TikTok account. I was going in for the books and the art, but not too long after joining I noticed the #nft hashtag and I went searching.

The first person I came across was Sydney from EspoVisuals, who has the most amazing vibe and art, and I was intrigued. I fell down the rabbit hole hard then! I pivoted my TikTok to NFTs and decided to document my journey I launched my first collection on my birthday in November 2021 and haven’t looked back.

Collaborations are increasingly common and popular in the NFT space. Have you done any collaborative work recently and how was that experience for you?

Yes! I love NFT collaborations and have recently undertaken a charity collaboration with Donna from DJ Designs for the NFT3 Collective collaboration challenge. We created an under-the-sea NFT together, with proceeds going to a non-profit ocean clean-up organisation.

I’m also a co-contributor to NFT Voices, where we collaborate to drive the narrative in the web3 space. Although not an art collaborative, we work together to co-host Twitter Spaces and provide a forum for education and sharing our experiences with each other.

If you find someone you vibe with it’s an enlightening and fun process. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating and can’t wait to do more.

What is your favourite part of the NFT community?

I have never quite experienced a more supportive, kind, thriving community than the NFT community. We all lift each other up in the space and add value and knowledge every day. The community is happy to help each other and I rarely see any kind of unkindness. We are genuinely happy for each other’s success!

What advice would you give to new artists interested in entering the world of NFTs?

My first important piece of advice once you’ve decided to go for it is to build a community before attempting any kind of launch. Supporting others and engaging and providing value to the community by connecting authentically is SO important.

Get on Twitter Spaces, comment and share on TikTok. Find your tribe and love them hard. Also, be prepared to pivot. You may enter the space with a particular project in mind, but as you learn more you need to be able to change direction if needed. That’s okay. I know lots of people who have done it, including me — whether it be a change of heart after research on the marketplace/blockchain, the look and feel of their artwork or what, if any, utility they’ll provide.

Stay connected with Lisa through the Social Media links below;


Discord** (NFT3 Collective)**




**Lisa Kalma NFT Collection on Solsea: **Rainbow Magic Collection & Mother Urban Collection

Our aim throughout this series is to provide our community with practical tips and helpful insights to learn from emerging and established artist experiences, as you navigate through your own creative journey with NFTs as a creator, collector or enthusiast.



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