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💎👇💎👇💎👇💎👇💎👇💎👇💎👇💎👇💎👇💎👇💎👇💎👇💎👇💎👇💎👇💎👇Diesel x Fossil: Timekeeping Meets NFTs

Diesel and Fossil have joined forces to create a unique blend of traditional wristwatches and NFTs. The collaboration aims to redefine the concept of timekeeping by integrating digital assets into the physical world. While the details are sparse, the partnership promises to bring innovation to both the fashion and crypto spaces.

👗 Fashion Meets Tech: Moncler & Adidas NFT Campaign

Moncler and Adidas are collaborating on an NFT campaign that marries high fashion with cutting-edge technology. The partnership aims to create exclusive digital assets that can be used across various platforms, offering a new way for fashion enthusiasts to interact with their favorite brands.

👩‍💼 Empowering Women in Web3: Boss Beauties Acquires BFF

Boss Beauties has acquired BFF to champion women in the Web3 space. The acquisition aims to empower women by providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the decentralized world. From NFTs to smart contracts, the initiative is all about inclusivity and empowerment.

📸 Instagram's Bullish Stance on NFTs

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, expressed his continued support for NFTs during Instagram's first-ever Creator Innovation Summit. Despite the platform's previous decision to remove NFT features, Mosseri remains optimistic about the technology's potential for creators.

🐧 Walmart's Pudgy Penguins: NFTs Go Mainstream

Walmart is set to sell the Pudgy Penguins NFT collection's toyline in 2,000 stores across the U.S. Each toy will provide access to Pudgy World, a digital social platform where users can interact and play mini-games. The toys range in price from $2.99 to $11.97.

PayPal's NFT Marketplace: A New Era of Digital Transactions

PayPal has filed a patent application that aims to revolutionize the buying and selling of nonfungible tokens (NFTs). The application outlines a unique structure where transactions can be routed through an unnamed third-party service provider. It also proposes fractionalized NFT purchases and the possibility of NFT-generated income through royalties.

📉 NFT Project Proof Layoffs

The NFT project PROOF recently announced layoffs, signaling a potential shift in the NFT landscape. Founded by Kevin Rose and Justin Mezzell, PROOF has been a notable player in the NFT space with over 105,000 followers on Twitter. The layoffs raise questions about the sustainability and future trajectory of NFT projects, especially those that have gained significant traction. This development could be a bellwether for the industry, warranting close attention from investors and enthusiasts alike.

🎨 OpenSea Unveils OpenSea Studio

OpenSea, a leading NFT marketplace, has unveiled OpenSea Studio, a new platform or feature set aimed at enhancing the user experience for both artists and collectors. While the specifics are yet to be disclosed, the platform is designed to offer more than just lazy minting. Artists will now have the option to deploy either a collection or a single NFT, providing more flexibility in how they present and sell their work. However, this move has sparked criticism from creators who argue that OpenSea Studio closely mirrors Manifold Studio but avoids the royalties feature.

🌐 Deep Dives >> Optimism & Arbitrum: Tracking Decentralization Progress

Galaxy's research dives deep into the progress of Optimism and Arbitrum, two key players in the blockchain decentralization space. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of their technological advancements and the impact they have on the broader crypto ecosystem. For anyone interested in the future of decentralized networks, this is a must-read to understand the current state and future prospects of these platforms.

🎵 Universal Music Launches "YOUniverse" Virtual Fan Platform

Universal Music Germany has launched "YOUniverse Berlin," a browser-based metaverse platform developed in collaboration with startup Rave·Space. The platform aims to offer a variety of music experiences, including listening parties, virtual performances, DJ sets, and meet'n'greets. It also integrates other startups like Ready Player Me for avatars, Styngr for music management, and twelve x twelve for blockchain-based ticketing. The platform will feature both physical and digital merch drops and a '50 Years of Hip Hop' virtual exhibition.



🎟️ South Korea's Dreamus Debuts NFT Tickets for Events & K-Pop Concerts

South Korean entertainment firm Dreamus, a subsidiary of SK Planet, has launched NFT ticketing services through its loyalty rewards app, OK Cashbag. The NFT tickets are available for events like the Seoul Jazz Festival and "Phantom of the Opera." Dreamus aims to tackle the issue of ticket scalping and bots by leveraging blockchain technology. The NFTs will show a QR code that activates on the day of the event and will only be visible to the buyer. Dreamus and SK Planet also plan to launch a secondary marketplace for NFTs later this year.

🎶 Virtual Hyper Realistic Azuki Concert Goes Live Tonight

The Beyond, an immersive digital experience, is hosting a hyper-realistic virtual concert called "Garden," dedicated to Azuki holders. This event will feature performances from Azuki musicians like Ice, Rrahcat, Fable, Shinobi, and McDougget. The concert is set to take place on the EntertainM website at 3 pm EST on September 27. Holders of Azuki, Elementals, Beanz, or 4Clubs NFTs can claim a ticket to this unique event.

🎤 Robbie Williams Makes Metaverse Debut with LightCycle

British singer-songwriter Robbie Williams is stepping into the Web3 space through a collaboration with LightCycle, an AI-powered lifestyle metaverse platform. Williams plans to deliver a unique 25-year anniversary live show in a 3D metaverse experience, offering fans unprecedented access to his music. The platform will also feature art, film, gaming, and more, aiming to become a hub for various forms of digital interaction. A preview of this landmark event will be unveiled at the EDGE Global Web3 and AI Investment Summit in Hong Kong.

💰 TON Raises 8-Figure Sum for Telegram Web3 Super-App

The Open Network (TON), a decentralized blockchain platform initially designed by Telegram, has secured significant funding from MEXC Ventures. This eight-figure investment aims to make Telegram a Web3 super-app. As part of this strategic partnership, MEXC will offer marketing services for TON-based projects and launch a TON collateral lending service. The initiative is designed to lower the barriers to Web3 accessibility globally. Telegram founder Pavel Durov emphasizes the role of TON in Telegram's Web3 journey, including the recent integration of the TON Wallet as a mini-app within Telegram.

🏛️ SEC Chair Gary Gensler at Congress

A tweet from GOP Majority Whip Tom Emmer criticizes SEC Chair Gary Gensler for not being an impartial regulator. The tweet suggests that Gensler's actions could stifle innovation and competition in the crypto space.

🚫 JPMorgan's UK Bank Chase Bans Crypto Transactions

JPMorgan's UK retail bank, Chase, has announced a ban on crypto transactions starting from October 16, 2023. The move is attributed to an increase in fraud and scams related to cryptocurrency.

🇰🇷 Bank of Korea to Start CBDC Infrastructure Pilot

The Bank of Korea is set to begin a pilot program for its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) infrastructure. The live testing is expected to commence after the system setup in Q4 2024.

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