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🎨 Coinbase's Onchain Summer: A Celebration of Art, Music, and Gaming

Coinbase is hosting a three-week blockchain event called Onchain Summer, celebrating art, music, gaming, and more. The festival, running from August 9 to August 31, aims to showcase the next wave of on-chain utility. It will feature industry-leading brands, artists, and creators, providing attendees opportunities to participate in on-chain mints and directly support contributing artists and musicians.

and a great initiative by @slimesunday

🍟 McDonald’s Singapore is entering web3

McDonald's Singapore has collaborated with cryptographic infrastructure startup Bandwagon Labs and local NFT artist pseudonym The Hidden Walls to give away Grimace NFTs developed on Polygon. In response to the trending Grimace Shake, 2,000 collectible NFTs featuring the brand's purple monster were raffled off, available only through McDonald's mobile app in Singapore. The NFTs, minted with a "soulbound" formula, cannot be transferred or sold in secondary markets. This initiative aligns with McDonald's recent ventures into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens, including a virtual playground in Hong Kong's Sandbox metaverse, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Chicken McNuggets.

👢 Ralph Lauren's Gaming-Fashion Fusion with Fortnite

Ralph Lauren's collaboration with Fortnite marks a significant step into the metaverse, unveiling the Polo Ralph Lauren x Fortnite P-Wing Boot, a virtual fashion item turned real-world collectible. This innovative partnership bridges virtual and physical worlds, resonating with tech-savvy consumers. Ralph Lauren's venture into the metaverse is not just a trend but an expansive terrain for forging authentic connections, merging creativity, exclusivity, and strategic alignment.

👟 Adidas Originals and BAPE® Unveil Limited-Edition Triple-White Forum 84 Low

Celebrating BAPE®'s 30th anniversary, adidas Originals and the iconic Japanese brand have introduced the highly limited Forum 84 BAPE® Low Triple-White sneaker. The launch, which features an innovative new drop format, represents both brands' commitment to timeless style and excellence. The triple-white sneaker contrasts its BAPE® 1ST CAMO predecessors and includes a Digital Certificate of Authenticity via an NFC chip. The collaboration also includes a limited edition, product-linked NFT drop, marking adidas' first-ever digital asset auction.

👟 Snoop Dogg and Skechers Unveil Dr. Bombay Inspired Collection

Snoop Dogg has teamed up with Skechers for a second collaboration, this time featuring his NFT Dr. Bombay. The collection creatively fuses streetwear with NFT culture and is now available to the public. This partnership exemplifies the growing intersection of fashion and digital assets, offering a unique blend of style and technology.

✈️ Etihad Airways Launches Web3 Loyalty Program

Etihad Airways is set to release a 300-edition expansion to its Polygon-based EY-ZERO1 NFT collection, offering holders benefits like Etihad Guest Silver Tier Status, priority check-in, lounge access, and the ability to stake assets to earn miles. The limited-edition NFTs, designed like the Mission: Impossible-branded Boeing 787 Dreamliner, will be part of the new "Horizon Club" Web3 loyalty program. This innovative approach allows community members to lock up their NFTs to earn Etihad Guest Miles, redeemable for flights, upgrades, and other perks.

🛒 Shopify Integrates Solana Pay for Web3 Payments

Shopify has integrated Solana Pay as its newest Web3-native payment solution, allowing merchants real-time access to their money without any middlemen. Known for its high transaction speeds and near-zero fees, Solana Pay enhances Shopify's digital storefronts by providing a seamless Web3-native payment experience. This integration not only eliminates bank fees and holding times but also enables immediate direct payment settlement of USD stablecoins.

Introducing Igloo, a brand by Pudgy Penguins

Igloo is a brand that caters to the wider clothing audience as the project grows the top of the funnel for Pudgy Penguins.

🤔 Navigating the NFT Royalties Landscape

Once a straightforward process, the enforcement of NFT royalties has become a contentious issue. This article explores the shifts in royalty practices and creative solutions that empower artists while preserving the decentralized ethos at the heart of NFTs. It provides a timeline of events and workarounds to keep the magic of NFTs alive for creatives.

FWB, Cozomo de' Medici, and Deekay Motion Collaborate on the New Era Collection

FWB, a web3 creative community, partnered with digital art collector Cozomo de' Medici and artist Deekay Motion to create the New Era collection, featuring pieces representing Ethereum and Bitcoin. Available for .01 ETH on Base, the collection symbolized the digital transformation of art and currency. Over 45k New Era ETH and 26k New Era BTC editions were minted, but the promotion faced challenges, including an Instagram Story takedown and an email flagged as dangerous. These incidents highlighted the importance of blockchain technology in the evolving landscape of digital art and crypto, reflecting both the excitement and controversy surrounding the new era.

🫂 new social app or potentially an episode of Black Mirror?

Friend Tech is at the epicenter of a swirling debate about the ethical implications of its social media marketplace. While the platform has recently added a photo feature that's been quickly adopted by OnlyFans creators, it's also facing scrutiny for its social tokens. Critics argue that these tokens could potentially exploit users by commodifying social interactions. On the flip side, proponents see them as harmless innovations that empower content creators. The situation is further complicated by the rapid adoption of Friend Tech's crypto app by adult content providers, adding another layer of ethical considerations. As Friend Tech navigates these murky waters, the broader tech community watches closely, knowing that the company's decisions could set precedents for the ethical use of blockchain in social media.

💳 Mastercard Ends Partnership with Binance

Mastercard and Binance have severed their crypto card partnership, sending ripples through the financial tech world. This breakup could signal a more cautious approach from traditional financial institutions towards crypto partnerships. It's a must-watch development for anyone invested in the crypto space.

🏎️ F1's Digital Collectible Experience at Dutch Grand Prix

In a unique collaboration with GET Protocol, Formula One (F1) is offering digital collectibles to attendees of the Dutch Grand Prix. These collectibles, accessible through the Dutch GP app, will represent parts of the Zandvoort racetrack and update in real-time with race highlights. The initiative aims to engage fans with Web3 technology without requiring technical expertise, enhancing the race experience and setting a new benchmark for the industry.

Oasys and Amazon Web Services Kickstart Web3 Gaming Hackathon

Oasys and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are joining forces to co-host the GameWave Genesis Hackathon in Singapore. This event is focused on Web3 game development and offers an exciting prize pool of 42,000 USD. The collaboration between Oasys and AWS marks a significant step in promoting innovation and creativity within the Web3 gaming space, encouraging developers to explore new frontiers in decentralized gaming.

❤️ heart+craft: Merging Digital and Physical Art

Heart+craft is a unique NFT project that merges the digital and physical realms. Created by Erick Calderon (Snowfro), artist and creator of Art Blocks, and Jordan Lyall, web3 product builder and founder of Prohibition, this project introduces the "Inclusive Edition." It counters FOMO culture with high supply, low price, and future flexibility to reduce supply later. Each NFT includes DIY instructions to physically create a unique 3D heart at home, allowing owners to bring their digital art to life. The project emphasizes inclusivity, accessibility, and the value of digital objects beyond scarcity.

🏈 Azuki and Museum of Mahomes Release Special Edition Collectibles

Two-time Super Bowl Champion Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback have collaborated with Azuki for a new NFT and physical trading card. The Museum of Mahomes (M.O.M.), an innovative digital collectibles platform, unveiled this collaboration with the decentralized anime storytelling brand. M.O.M. will release a physical trading card exclusively for original Azuki token holders, featuring custom artwork of Mahomes. A special one-of-one card with additional Mahomes-themed design elements will also be raffled off. This marks an innovative move in the world of digital sports collectibles.

🚢 Yuga Labs Breaks Away from OpenSea

Yuga Labs, the creator of popular NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club, has announced its decision to withdraw support for parts of OpenSea's trading platform. This move comes in response to OpenSea's transition to optional creator fees and the discontinuation of its Operator Filter. Yuga Labs expressed its commitment to "protecting creator royalties," and the change will affect all of its upgradeable contracts and new collections. The future availability of Yuga Labs' NFTs on OpenSea remains unclear.

🎮 Zynga Enters the NFT World with Sugartown

Zynga, the creator of the popular game FarmVille, is set to launch its first Ethereum-based NFT game, Sugartown, later this year. Building on its success with casual and mobile games, Zynga is entering a space that has garnered both excitement and skepticism among gamers. Sugartown represents a significant step for the company in embracing the NFT revolution.

🎨 Transient Labs Introduces Doppelgänger Contract: A Game-Changer for NFTs

Transient Labs, in collaboration with artist Patrick Amadon, has developed a new type of NFT contract called the Doppelgänger contract. This innovative contract allows artists to add multiple images to an NFT, enabling collectors to cycle through them. It offers various use cases, including an Artist Subscription model and a Multi-Work NFT for enhanced storytelling. The contract ensures that once an image is added, it cannot be undone, providing security and flexibility for both creators and collectors.

🎮 Immutable zkEVM Testnet Launches with 12 Web3 Games

Immutable, in collaboration with Polygon Labs, has begun public testing of its Ethereum-compatible network, Immutable zkEVM. The testnet aims to lower development costs and enhance security within the Ethereum ecosystem. Over 20 gaming companies, including GameStop and Kongregate, have partnered with Immutable for the launch. At least 12 games are already building their Web3 titles on zkEVM, with MetalCore announcing a beta launch date of September 15 on the platform.

💼 Ledger Stax: Simplifying Cryptocurrency Management

Cryptocurrency wallet Ledger Stax aims to make crypto management a little less confusing. While the content of the article is not available, the title suggests that Ledger Stax is focused on providing a user-friendly interface and features to help both new and experienced users navigate the complex world of cryptocurrencies. Innovations like these are essential in making digital assets more accessible to the general public.

🔗 Linea Completes its Alpha Mainnet Launch

Linea, the leading web3 software technology company, has announced the completion of its public launch of its Layer 2 blockchain solution. The Linea mainnet went live at EthCC in Paris, and in its first month, it saw over 2.7 million transactions and $26M of tokens bridged, making it the fastest-growing zkEVM. The launch unlocks DeFi applications and offers users zero-fee USDC purchases. Linea's mainnet has attracted over 150 partners and more than 100k weekly active users, processing an average of 1.5 transactions per second at 1/15th the cost of fees on Ethereum mainnet.

📉 NFT Platform Recur's Unfortunate Shutdown

Despite raising $50 million and having big-name backers like Gary Vaynerchuk, NFT Platform Recur is set to shut down. Even collaborations with popular Nickelodeon characters like Tommy Pickles from "Rugrats" were not enough to keep the business afloat. The closure highlights the volatile nature of the NFT space and raises questions about the sustainability of such platforms.

🏈 NFL Players Association Shifts from Panini to Fanatics

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) has ended its deal with Panini and shifted to Fanatics, leading to questions about Panini's future in pro-football NFTs. This move has significant legal aspects and potential industry impact, reflecting the dynamic and evolving nature of partnerships within the NFT space. The shift to Fanatics represents a strategic alignment that may redefine how sports NFTs are managed and marketed.

📈 SEC Poised to Allow US Debut of Ether-Futures ETFs

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is set to allow the first exchange-traded funds (ETFs) based on Ether futures, marking a significant victory for several firms that have long sought to offer these products. The regulator is unlikely to block the products, which would be based on futures contracts for the second-largest cryptocurrency. Nearly a dozen companies, including Volatility Shares, Bitwise, Roundhill, and ProShares, have filed to launch the ETFs. This development represents a major step forward for the crypto industry and could lead to the listing of the products by October.

🎮 Roblox Introduces Virtual Career Center

Roblox has launched a virtual career center within its platform, allowing users to learn about the metaverse company, prepare for interviews, and attend events hosted by Roblox. The innovative space includes features like a lobby, library, auditorium, and boba cafe. While currently a place for exploration and connection, Roblox plans to conduct initial interviews directly within this virtual experience in the future. This initiative showcases the company's vision and offers a unique pathway for Roblox players and creators to potentially become staff members.

🎮 Transforming Drone Footage into 3D Metaverses with Nvidia's AI

Nvidia has publicly released the code for Neuralangelo, a groundbreaking framework that creates ultra-high definition 3D models from regular video clips. Available on GitHub, this tool allows users to convert high-quality video clips into 3D models for various applications, including game development, movie effects, architecture, and even entire metaverses. Neuralangelo uses advanced techniques to create detailed 3D models, revolutionizing the field of 3D modeling and bridging the gap between the virtual 'metaverse' and the real world.

🤖 The Convergence of Web3, AI, and Fintech: Building the Machine Economy

Lex Sokolin, founder of Web3 investment fund Generative Ventures, explores the convergence of fintech, Web3, and artificial intelligence as one economic whole. He emphasizes the need for deep synthesis and highlights the emergence of a new machine economy. Digital production, powered by generative AI, will create countless digital objects, forming the backbone of economic supply and demand. Sokolin's insights offer a visionary perspective on the future of decentralized finance, digital commerce, and the role of AI in shaping our digital selves.

📰 New York Times and Australia's ABC Block OpenAI's Web Crawler

Major news outlets like the New York Times, CNN, and ABC have decided to block OpenAI's GPT-bot from scraping their content. This move raises questions about the ethical boundaries of AI in journalism and content creation. It's a pivotal moment that could shape the future relationship between AI and media.

🤖 Research Reveals ChatGPT's Liberal Bias in Political Responses

A study conducted by researchers at the University of East Anglia has found evidence of a liberal bias in OpenAI's ChatGPT. The research compared ChatGPT's responses to political beliefs surveys, revealing a significant inclination towards the Democrats in the U.S., Lula in Brazil, and the Labour Party in the U.K. Despite efforts to control biases, the study highlights the challenges AI companies face in managing the behavior of bots. The findings add to the growing concerns about biases in chatbots, which may influence public trust and even election outcomes.

*LLM stands for Large Language Models and are the ‘source of knowledge’ (set of algorithms) used by AI platforms such as ChatGPT.

In a thought-provoking piece by Reuters Institute, five leading AI experts dissect the role of ChatGPT in the journalism landscape. Is it a disruptive force that threatens traditional reporting, or a groundbreaking tool that could revolutionize the industry? The article delves into the ethical quandaries and the transformative potential that AI brings to newsrooms.

Yuval Harari, along with Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin from the Center for Humane Technology, pens an eye-opening opinion piece in The New York Times. The trio explores the existential risks and ethical dilemmas surrounding AI, particularly large language models like ChatGPT. They raise urgent questions about the unchecked advancement of AI technologies and their potential impact on humanity.

👁️MidJourney Adds Image Inpainting—Game Changer or Catch-Up Play?

MidJourney has introduced a new feature related to image inpainting. After some tests conducted by Decrypt, it appears that Stable Diffusion's inpainting might have an edge in terms of accuracy and user experience. The article does not provide detailed information about the specific technology or application of MidJourney's inpainting feature, but it highlights a comparison with Stable Diffusion.

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