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June 9th, 2022

Welcome to our 4th NFT Artist Spotlight, proudly presented by Rare Pizzas and PizzaDao. Where we feature inspiring interviews from up-and-coming artists, creators and NFT projects across the local and global NFT Community.

We first came across Ee-Vee, an LA based Australian NFT artist last August through the first Anime inspired NFT generative collection (7,777), 0N1FORCE where Ee-Vee was voted a “Top 10 Global Finalist” for the first ever 0N1 Art Derivative Contest, as fan voted by the 0N1Force community.

We were originally captivated by Ee-Vee’s sophisticated art style when the majority of 0N1 Art derivatives submitted by the community were all using the main “0N1Force” PFP character for their Art derivative, Ee-Vee’s choice to use the smaller companion character as the main PFP art style was bold, different and this is why we believe this particular derivative art style stood out amongst the hundreds of artist submissions.

A great lesson for aspiring creatives to explore a point of difference and perspective that can make you stand out and capture attention when submitting art and creating your project collections.

Ee-Vee’s Oniforce derivative art submission, Top 10 finalisist as voted by the Global OniForce Community.

Hi Ee-Vee, tell us a little about yourself?

As a creative, I often think of myself as relentless and curious. I kickstarted my career in car design : essentially, a complex and dynamic 3-dimensional artform, with very particular styling cues. Alongside this, I’ve always been fascinated by graphics and all things 2-d, and how flat images can tell complex stories. Right now, I’m fascinated by the intersection between these two worlds.

The House of Tengu — An 0N1 Story — Xcy8 #0387

What are your favorite themes to explore through your art?

In a word, storytelling. It’s all about emotion. Art can be a personal, co-creative experience when something in the viewer gets activated, when they are no longer a passive participant. They become active agents in building meaning, and make the art come alive.

How did you get started in NFTs?

I created derivative fan-art for 0n1 Force which got shortlisted as a top-10 entry. The love from the community, together with the commissions and opportunities that followed, helped me feel like there was something of value I could bring to the space.

The House of Tengu — An 0N1 Story — Xcy8 #4417

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced getting into NFTs?

It would have to be the wonderful blend of feverish excitement, uncertainty and endless FOMO and anxiety that is the hallmark of the NFT space.

How do you see NFTs changing your artistic career?

As an artist, I see NFTs doing something unprecedented: they offer free and instant exposure to united, inclusive and welcoming communities from all around the globe. I’m wildlly excited at the thought of adding creative currency to boundary-pushing projects, and at designing collections with visual impact.

Are there any NFT lessons learned you’d like to share?

It’s important to know your outcomes and develop sound strategies to help you make the right calls. I feel it’s important to take the time to learn where NFTs have been and where they’re headed — this will help you back the projects that are right for you. But then again, this space moves very, very fast, and you can become unbelievably lucky overnight.

The House of Tengu — An 0N1 Story — Xcy8 #1379

What are you working on now?

I still loving designing cars, so that’s keeping me pumped. I’m also building out my art portfolio, with a focus on 3d pieces — there is no shortage of inspiration from new artists and projects in this space!

The House of Tengu — An 0N1 Story — Xcy8 #895

What advice would you give to artists entering the world of NFTs?

Jump in, dive deep. This is a spectacular moment in history, with artistic opportunities unlike ever before.

Ee-vee is definitely an artist to watch in this space and we’re excited to see what future projects and collaborations are in store!

Check out Ee-Vee’s Social Media and NFT project links below.

Twitter: @Xcy8_

Opensea: Xcy8 3750

Opensea: House of Tengu, Xcy8

If you’re looking to be featured either as an artist, community builder, or NFT enthusiast please reach out to us at

article by @svmmerstein

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