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Welcome to NFTSYD Pills #20! Your curated guide to the best of Web3, simplified. High-quality information made digestible.Let’s dive in!

NFTSYD Pills #20 is here as your guide to the best of the Web3 universe. I've taken the complexity out it delivering high-quality content in an easy-to-understand format. Regardless of whether you're a seasoned crypto expert or a curious newcomer, we're here to help you navigate this exciting digital landscape. Together, we'll explore the future of the internet, understanding its implications and seizing its opportunities. The Web3 universe is open to everyone, and we invite you to join me in this exploration.

🤝 NFTSYD & NAVH by Consensys: A Powerful Partnership

We at NFTSYD are thrilled to announce our partnership with Not Another Virtual Hackathon (NAVH) by Consensys. This collaboration celebrates web3 innovators worldwide, offering a platform for learning, growth, and competition. With a $115,500 prize pool and a series of enriching workshops, NAVH is a beacon for the global web3 community. We're honored to be part of this journey, fostering innovation and collaboration in the web3 space. Join us in shaping the future of web3!

🌐 Futures Conference 2023: A Glimpse into the Future

The Futures Conference 2023, which took place in Sydney, Australia, was an immersive two-day event that explored the potential of technology and artificial intelligence in shaping our future. The conference brought together world-leading experts in arts, food, conservation & biodiversity, aviation, storytelling, fashion, Web3, STEM, digital health, generative AI, and new cybernetics. The event was designed to foster community engagement and collaboration, offering a platform for sharing ideas and creating new opportunities. Attendees had the chance to learn about hardware, software, ethics, and society from award-winning futurists and entrepreneurs.

🎤 A Night of Insight at TikTok HQ with Women Making Waves and Airbnb

Women Making Waves, in collaboration with Airbnb, recently hosted an enlightening event at the new TikTok headquarters in Sydney. The evening was graced by an impressive lineup of speakers, including Susan Wheeldon, Airbnb's Country Director for AU, NZ & Oceania, Caren Yanis, a renowned Philanthropic Advisor, and Serena Leith, the Global Marketing Director for TikTok AU & NZ. The co-founders of Women Making Waves, Jess and Hayley, also shared their insights, making the event a memorable exchange of ideas and experiences.

👗 Gucci: Rewarding NFT Holders with Physical Pieces

In a tweet by Kermit, a crypto enthusiast, it's revealed that Gucci is about to revolutionize the fashion industry by rewarding its NFT holders with physical pieces. This innovative approach merges the digital and physical realms, offering a unique value proposition for NFT collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike. It's a clear sign that the boundaries between the virtual and real world are becoming increasingly blurred, with brands like Gucci leading the way.

💍 Bäumer Vendôme: The Future of Luxury Jewelry

Bäumer Vendôme, a luxury jewelry brand, has unveiled a unique collaboration that merges NFTs and physical jewelry design. The exclusive program, launched in partnership with NFT platform, Next Decade, Ledger, and Societhy, offers buyers an NFT featuring the exquisite “Rose de Damas” ring and the opportunity to redeem the physical version of the ring. This innovative venture provides an immersive virtual reality experience showcasing the crafting of the ring and access to a private club with personalized experiences in Paris.

💄 Shu Uemura x Rtfkt: Beauty Meets Tech

L’Oréal-owned beauty brand Shu Uemura and Nike-owned Rtfkt are merging beauty and technology in an innovative partnership. The collaboration will see the launch of 3D "Shu Stickers" inspired by Japanese calligraphy, designed to be worn around the eye. But these aren't just any stickers. Each one contains a micro NFC (near-field communication) chip that, when scanned with a smartphone, activates three AR lenses in Snapchat, transforming the wearer's appearance with themes inspired by Tsubaki flowers, calligraphy, and a vibrant colour explosion.

👕 Louis Vuitton x Pharrell Williams: A Fashion Symphony

It seems that the page you requested is currently unavailable. However, Louis Vuitton is known for its collaborations with influential figures in the world of fashion and music. One such collaboration could be with Pharrell Williams, a multi-talented artist known for his unique style and creativity. This partnership would likely result in a collection that embodies the spirit of both Louis Vuitton's timeless elegance and Pharrell's innovative approach to fashion.

💳 Gnosis: Bridging Crypto and Real-World Payments

Gnosis, a renowned blockchain project, is bridging the gap between self-custodial crypto wallets and traditional payment methods with the launch of Gnosis Card. This Visa card allows users to spend funds from self-custodial wallets anywhere Visa is accepted. Initially launching in the UK and EU, with plans to expand to Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the US, Gnosis aims to erase the line between crypto and the real world. The card's adoption will drive demand for Gnosis's GNO token, boosting its blockchain ecosystem.

🔍 Lens v2: A Developer's Dream

Lens, the social media protocol from Aave, has unveiled its v2 iteration, designed to enhance composability with external protocols and apps. The goal? To enable two-way interactions between any web application and Lens. The new Open Actions feature allows users and developers to execute external smart contracts from within, including minting external NFTs on Lens, trading ERC-20 tokens, and cross-chain interactions between Ethereum and Layer 2 networks. Lens v2 also introduces new profile security and management features, including the ability for users to store profiles on hardware wallets.

🥊 UFC Strikes a Digital Deal 🎮

UFC and Concept Labs have announced a multi-year partnership to publish UFC Strike, a digital collectibles gaming experience. This innovative platform allows MMA fans to own UFC history's most epic fight moments. Since its launch in 2022, UFC Strike has become a hub for fight fans, with over 100,000 fans acquiring these digital collectibles. The partnership will also see the release of the first UFC Strike game, UFC Strike: Fight Camp, a mobile-first roster management game compatible with UFC Strike digital collectibles. The game is set to launch in Q4 of this year.

🎥 The Flash: A Lightning-Fast NFT Movie Experience

Warner Bros. Discovery is releasing The Flash as an NFT movie, offering fans an immersive Web3 experience with hidden AR collectibles and exclusive content. Starting July 18, you can own a piece of movie history by purchasing The Flash NFT Movie through the blockchain service Eluvio. This groundbreaking multimedia NFT lets you explore the film in 4K, unlock exciting Web3 features, and even claim a rare DC3 Super Power Pack NFT. The Flash Web3 Movie Experience promises to be more than just a movie. It’s a multimedia NFT that allows fans a way to engage with the film.

👟 Roc Nation and Puma: A Step into the NFT Sneaker World

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and Puma have launched the RS-XL Mixtape Sneaker Collection, a unique blend of fashion and blockchain technology. Each sneaker style in the collection represents a different era in music history, paying homage to the mixtape culture. What sets these sneakers apart is the integration of blockchain-powered LGT tags, which unlock exclusive digital content and authenticate the physical products. Each pair of sneakers is connected to a specific NFT, ensuring authenticity and offering buyers unique privileges and experiences, including weekly mixtape drops and behind-the-scenes content.

🏍️ Ducati: Revving Up the Blockchain with XRP Ledger

Ducati, the renowned motorcycle company, is accelerating onto the blockchain via the XRP ledger. In collaboration with blockchain firm Web3 Pro, Ducati is offering fans a free NFT that unlocks exclusive benefits. Collectors will receive a free NFT video showcasing the evolution of the Ducati logo since its inception in 1946. This NFT also grants access to future drops and additional utility within the Ducati Web3 platform. Despite its ongoing legal battle with the SEC, the XRP Ledger continues to establish its place in the NFT industry.

📱 a16z Infra's Companion App: A New Dawn for Web3

The a16z Infra team has released a new companion app, a testament to their commitment to the Web3 ecosystem. This open-source project is a beacon for developers looking to build on Web3, providing a robust foundation and a wealth of resources. The app is designed to be a one-stop shop for all things Web3, offering features like wallet management, transaction tracking, and more. It's a significant step towards making Web3 more accessible and user-friendly.

💱 UniswapX: A New Era in DeFi Trading

Uniswap, the world's largest decentralized crypto exchange, has unveiled UniswapX, a new protocol for trading across automated market makers (AMMs) and other liquidity sources. UniswapX aims to address many of the pain points of on-chain trading and self-custody swapping, offering better prices by aggregating liquidity sources, gas-free swapping, protection against maximal extractable value (MEV), and no cost for failed transactions. The protocol is launching in "opt-in beta" on the Uniswap Labs interface for the main Ethereum network, with plans to expand to other chains and the Uniswap wallet.

📨 Holder Wallet Messaging: The Future of Customer Engagement

Holder has introduced Wallet Messaging, a groundbreaking product that bridges the communication gap between brands and holders in the web3 world. This technology, built in deep integration with XMTP's web3 messaging network, allows brands to personalize and automate their holders' experiences by messaging directly to the wallet address. Wallet addresses are becoming the new email addresses, opening up an entirely new marketing and engagement channel. With Holder Messaging, brands can now reach users directly in their wallet apps, transforming how consumers interact with applications and the internet.

💬 Coinbase Wallet: Say Hello to Messaging

Coinbase Wallet has introduced a new feature: end-to-end encrypted, decentralized web3 messaging. This feature allows users to engage with the crypto community directly through their wallets, send payments across thousands of coins, and take their conversations across any other XMTP compatible app. The messaging feature is initially available to a small subset of users, including all Lens protocol users and anyone who scans a specific QR code. This innovation takes functionality, security, and freedom to the next level, making it easier for users to get started in web3.

🎶 TikTok and Warner Music: Harmonizing for a New Era

TikTok and Warner Music Group (WMG) have announced a "first of its kind" multi-year licensing agreement. This innovative deal will see WMG license its repertoire to TikTok and TikTok Music and ByteDance-owned video editing platform CapCut and TikTok's Commercial Music Library. The partnership aims to harness TikTok's revenue generation and promotional capabilities, offering new fandom development and monetization features like merchandise, ticketing, and digital goods and services. The deal also hints at the joint development of additional and alternative economic models, promising a new day for dealings between major music companies and the ByteDance-owned app.

🦁 Lazy Lions: Roaring into the Future with ROARwards 3.0

Lazy Lions is introducing ROARwards 3.0, an upgraded reward system designed to celebrate their loyal community members. In collaboration with Kazm, a Web3 community building expert, the platform allows users to accumulate ROAR Points, which will be converted into ROAR Tokens upon launch. The points can be earned through monthly distributions, quests, and back-dated points for long-term holders. As users gather points, they unlock new tiers, each with its own unique Soulbound token and set of perks. The platform also introduces a leaderboard for friendly competition among the community.

🎨 Doodles: A Playful Adventure in Chicago

Doodles, the NFT brand backed by Pharrell Williams, is launching a real-world play experience for kids and families in Chicago. In partnership with Camp, a "shop-and-play" company, Doodles is opening an immersive play area in Lincoln Park. The 3,500-square-foot pop-up retail experience will feature activities based on pastel-hued Ethereum NFTs, allowing attendees to customize their own Doodles character, explore Doodles-inspired locations, and engage in games and crafts. Original Doodles NFT holders will enjoy an exclusive ribbon-cutting experience and a complimentary visit with up to five guests.

💡 Andreessen Horowitz: Paving the Way for Web3 Social Platforms

Andreessen Horowitz, a leading venture capital firm, sees promising paths for Web3 social platforms. Sriram Krishnan, a partner at the firm, shared his optimism at the EthCC conference, highlighting the potential for large-scale crypto consumer social media marketplace applications. The firm believes that now is the time to build these platforms, leveraging the power of blockchain technology to revolutionize the way we interact online.

🔐 Mastercard's Blockchain Endeavor 💳

It seems that the page you requested is currently unavailable. However, it's known that Mastercard has been actively exploring the blockchain space. The company has filed numerous patent applications related to blockchain technology, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and the potential of blockchain. These patents could cover a wide range of applications, from payment processing to supply chain management and beyond.

💰 Avalanche Vista: Pioneering the Future of Asset Tokenization

The Avalanche Foundation is allocating up to $50M to purchase tokenized assets minted on the Avalanche blockchain. The program, "Avalanche Vista," aims to support and demonstrate the value of tokenization, the process of creating an on-chain digital representation of an asset. This initiative reflects the Avalanche Foundation’s commitment to driving forward a financial system that’s more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective through the use of Avalanche’s novel consensus mechanism, unique Subnet architecture, and technical innovation. Avalanche Vista will consider assets across the full liquidity spectrum, including equity, credit, real estate, commodities, as well as those that are blockchain-native.

🛠️ Amazon: Powering Web3 Development with New Blockchain Tools

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is enhancing its Web3 development capabilities with the introduction of two new tools, "Access" and "Query," to its Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) platform. AMB Access provides developers with serverless and scalable access to blockchains, while AMB Query offers access to blockchain data from multiple chains. These tools are designed to facilitate the development of blockchain-based Web3 software, with potential use cases including crypto applications, wallets, and Web3 consumer engagement campaigns leveraging NFTs. This move is part of Amazon's broader entry into the Web3 space, signalling its commitment to digital innovation.

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