NF.TD [OG Usernames]

What are OG usernames?
OG usernames are the first 2,500 usernames minted on NF.TD. There will only ever be 2,500 OG usernames.

What perks & benefits do OG usernames get?
We want to reward our earliest supporters.

Perks & benefits include:

  • “OG” badge displayed on the profile
  • early access to test features
  • a private OGs discord channel
  • discounts on upcoming NF.TD merch & releases
  • exclusive airdrops & more

How much do OG usernames cost to mint?
0.05 ETH

How can I get an OG username?
The username you mint just has to be one of the first 2,500 usernames minted. They’re automatically granted OG status.

Can OG usernames be bought or sold?
OG usernames can be bought or sold on secondary markets, just like any other NF.TD username. If an OG username is sold, the OG status stays with that username.

Can I transfer OG status to another username?
OG status cannot be transferred to a non-OG username.

What about usernames minted after the first 2,500?
Every NF.TD username functions the same. But, any usernames minted after the first 2,500 are not OG usernames and do not get access to OG perks & benefits.

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