Securing digital assets in the Web3 era


The digital asset market has experienced enormous growth, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. Despite facing some obstacles, the market has moved forward thanks to the adoption of blockchain technology. More companies and individuals recognize the benefits of a decentralized economy, indicating the direction in which we are headed. This shift towards decentralization will provide users with a new level of security and open new opportunities for innovation and creativity. As the market expands, we can expect new and exciting developments to emerge, transforming how we think about and interact with digital assets.

The NFT industry is a rapidly growing sector representing the frontier of the decentralized economy, leading to a fundamental shift in how we think about value and ownership. NFTs, non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets secured on a blockchain. This allows for decentralized and transparent ownership and transfer of these assets.

These tokens can bridge the gap between physical and digital reality, providing the next billion people a means to participate in decentralized finance (DeFi). NFTs can represent ownership of anything from art to virtual real estate, offering a new level of value creation that continues pushing the digital economy's boundaries. As the NFT industry matures and innovates, we can expect even more exciting and transformative use cases for these unique digital assets.

Challenges of the Digital Market

Although there are numerous advantages to the decentralized economy and the NFT market in particular, both existing and new participants face a multitude of challenges and complexities.

  • The market is unfortunately filled with fraudsters who prey on people's trust and take advantage of their lack of knowledge in certain areas. It is important to take steps to protect ourselves against these malicious actors. However, the current mechanisms to prevent theft and hacking are not always adequate. There is still much work to be done to create a safe and secure market for everyone involved.

  • The cost of mistakes in DeFi is incredibly high, as users bear full responsibility for their actions. Therefore, it is essential to create products that will, by design, prevent most users from making such mistakes or provide the ability to revert them. Implementing mechanics such as account abstraction, social recovery, and decentralized dispute resolution will reduce the price of mistakes so that the industry can attract a new audience without compromising decentralization. Furthermore, we must ensure that users have all the necessary knowledge and resources to make informed decisions. This can be achieved through education and training programs that provide clear and concise information about their actions' potential risks and consequences.

  • In his article, "The sorry state of crypto UX", Luis Cuende, founder of Aragon, explains the difficulties of creating a market for digital services. Many user interfaces are created by developers for developers and are too technical and difficult for the average person to use. This hinders the user experience and makes the interface less accessible. To prevent this, it's important to consider the end user's needs when designing an interface. This ensures that the interface is easy to use and navigate for people who aren't technology experts.

To promote the efficient development of the digital asset market and attract new audiences, it is essential to create products that increase security levels while simplifying interactions with digital assets. Furthermore, these products should be transparent and secure without compromising decentralization and safety.

Our Solution: NFT Protect

NFT Protect is a decentralized, non-custodial protocol that secures digital assets from theft, phishing attacks, social engineering, and accidental transfers. By utilizing Protected NFT technology and decentralized dispute resolution layers, NFT Protect provides a robust self-custody solution for digital asset owners, enabling them to confidently manage and transfer their assets with the assurance of protection.

The importance of social recovery

For centuries, we have relied on social mechanisms to protect people as long as there is a functioning system of executive power in place. However, in DeFi, smart contracts handle execution more effectively than any police force could. Despite this, social mechanisms are not as widespread, even though Web3 advancements make them much more effective than their real-world counterparts.

Decentralized dispute resolution systems offer significant advantages over traditional methods, thanks to their transparency, cost-effectiveness, and the use of Schelling points. Schelling points represent outcomes people naturally gravitate towards when seeking consensus without direct communication. In decentralized dispute resolution, participants rely on these focal points to reach fair and unbiased outcomes. By leveraging Schelling points and incorporating social mechanisms into DeFi, decentralized systems provide a more secure, efficient, and equitable solution for resolving disputes in the digital asset market.

Protected NFTs

The concept of "protected NFTs" - wrapped tokens that can be burned in case of theft, as ruled by an external arbitrator - could bring additional security to the digital asset market.

Imagine being able to legally take action in case of theft or loss of digital assets, just like in the physical world. However, unlike in the physical world, where there is no guarantee that you will recover your assets even if you win the case, cryptography and decentralized dispute resolution systems are in place to safeguard your assets and ensure fair decisions.

The mission to achieve!

The mission of NFT Protect is to safeguard people from losing their digital assets and make the digital asset market safer and more reliable, increasing trust and attracting new users.

Join us in our mission to secure digital assets in the Web3 era. Whether you are a developer, entrepreneur, or digital asset owner, there are multiple ways to get involved. For example, you can learn more about NFT Protect and similar protocols, contribute to developing safe and user-friendly products, or spread the word about the importance of digital asset security. Together, we can create a more secure and transparent digital asset market and promote the growth of the decentralized economy. So take action now, and let’s shape the future of digital asset ownership together!

P.S. We consider this Manifesto to be in the alpha stage, and we look forward to the community's feedback to evolve it over time into a definitive version. You can read the original manifesto here.

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