Introducing Radiant Segment 🔎

Less than two months ago, we started building, the web3 automation hub enabling everyone to build web3-powered automations.

After speaking with countless communities & users to learn more about how they plan to use Radiant Studio, we heard one thing over and over again: a way to filter wallets based on the NFTs & tokens they own. This made us think – we realized web3 is missing simple segmentation tooling.

Today, we’re excited to launch Radiant Segment, the first web3 segmentation tool.

👉 Try it out:

Radiant segment is the easiest way to build segments based on wallet NFT & Token portfolios. Select one or multiple Tokens & NFTs, set up filters, get a snapshot of all wallets matching your filter criteria & share the snapshot with your community.

How it works

1. Apply Filters

Filter all wallets on the blockchain by filters like:

  • NFT-Traits

  • Token Amounts

  • Holding Time

2. Export Wallets + Work with them

Discover, copy or export your wallet results

3.Share Results

Share a Public Link with your community, or simply download it.

Why now?

We believe building and navigating around web3 is overly complicated. It is still hard for non-technical users to do simple things like getting important data for their use cases. You will always need custom code or developer-focused tools to get the needed information.

With Segment, we make creating queries social and enjoyable. Everyone can set up segments and start working with them right away. The first step into a more user-friendly web3 experience we envision at Radiant.

What’s coming next 👀

In short: new capabilities to create & utilize segments while keeping it a simple & fun experience.

  • New Filters, New Chains, New Collections & Tokens.

  • Discover Segments: Explore wallets from Segments.

  • Actions: Trigger actions based on segments: Airdrop an NFT, add to a whitelist, Token Gate & more.

  • Segment API & SDK: Enabling everyone to integrate & build on top of Radiant Segments.

  • Radiant Studio integration: Trigger automations directly from segments.

  • Much more!

We are eager to see all the ways Radiant Segment will be used.

Join the Radiant community

This is the very beginning of our journey at Radiant, and we cannot wait to unveil more in the coming weeks. Come join us on Discord, Telegram, or Twitter & let’s talk web3 automation.

P.S. If you’re building in the web3 space and looking for automation infrastructure - we’d love to explore opportunities to work with you :) Drop into our DMs, or Apply here.

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