Crypto Raid If Fines Not Paid!?
August 18th, 2022

A South Korean town called Gunpo is making headlines as their plan for delinquent fine reimbursement is seeing quite a bit of success.  The pilot program, which was selected by the national government, has seen an 88% success rate in recovering traffic fines by $668,000, which is on track to exceed the goal of retrieving $759,000 by end of year.  However, the program only saw these fines totaling ~$759 subject to crypto seizures, and crypto seizures were only done if the funds in the person's bank accounts were not enough to pay off the fine(s) in question.

Good idea or bad idea?  Honestly, holding crypto as hostage for paying fines seems scummy, but to be honest, isn't it scummy not to pay off fines?  Sure, if fines are improperly given to an individual, then they should have the right to fight back and have them dismissed.  Ignoring fines right off though?  Yea, you might deserve having some of your crypto taken away to pay it off...

Written by: nikethereum.eth / Medium / Mirror

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