Another Day, Another Hack DOUBLE EDITION: Nomad & Solana
August 4th, 2022

In our next edition of "Another Day, Another Hack", we have two hacks occurring in the last few days: Nomad, a cross-chain bridge that was exploited via a security hole for $190m in a "free-for-all" attack, and a major Solana wallet hack that has drained $8m+ as of now.  Within the Nomad hack, it looks to be a security configuration error that allowed users to replicate existing transaction blocks, causing the blockchain to allow unauthorized debits.  As for the Solana wallet hack, the key theory is some how private keys have been accessed by the threat entity, since transactions on the chain were shown to be legitimate.

Honestly, this is scary times.  Threat actors are shaking out as many different services as possible to see what comes loose, and it's working.  The one and only bright side to all this is that hopefully they come back stronger and battle tested.  However, this is not fun for those who lost money.  Reminder:  COLD STORAGE is your friend and remember to protect your private keys!

Written by: nikethereum.eth / Medium / Mirror

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