Crypto Haters, Unite!
July 4th, 2022

On lighter side of news, TradFi industry middlemen, their investors, and they general anti-crypto population have teamed up to create their first conference to share skepticism and to network with lawmakers.  According to crypto critic journalist Amy Castor, the Crypto Policy Symposium promises a platform for the anti-crypto resentful to voice their negativity.

Author and symposium organizer Stephen Dieh further explains that this is a way for lawmakers to get a better understanding of the harmful parts of crypto and give them better education on that front.  

As a pro-crypto person, this is a futile attempt by industry leaders whom have the most to lose to try and secure their future.  But what they don't realize is their future is crypto.  We will see the worst parts of crypto shake out, which I believe is the main reason for crypto hate.   However, this is progress and as just in any other new systems, there will be trial and error.  Sorry Crypto Policy Symposium, but I do not see this lasting for too much longer.

Written by: nikethereum.eth / Medium

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