ETHPOW KO'd Already?!

What the vast majority of people already knew would happen eventually happened and much earlier than anticipated. ETHPOW, the forked version of Ethereum, crashed hard after the Merge, losing over 85% of it's initial value. The fork was already fighting an uphill battle with how they would operate in parallel to Ethereum, but they had a big issue right off the bat…their chainID was matching other existing chainID's, which would cause issues such as replay scams (transactions could be replayed on other matching chainID services and protocols). At time of this writing, they did change it but to another chainID that already exists as well.

I was looking forward to getting the free ETHPOW tokens just to sell them as soon as possible, but with the issues they are already seeing, I'm going to go ahead and not touch it, even with a 10 ft pole!

Written by: nikethereum.eth / Medium / Mirror

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