Secret (Bidding) Wars For Celsius Assets?!

Tiffany Fong, who rose to fame after scoring some exclusive SBF post-meltdown interviews, has revealed some interesting information she’s been sitting on for quite some time.

Her leak, which can be read in full here, states she refrained from revealing this information to give other entities a fair shot at buying these assets. However, once a lawyer representing Celsius deemed the bids to be not a fit, Fong decided to release the info.

Bidders included Binance, online investment platform Bank To The Future, digital asset investment manager Galaxy Digital, crypto trading company Cumberland DRW and digital asset investment firm NovaWulf. Bank To The Future CEO confirmed the validity of this bid.

I can see the merit of some of these entities wanting to purchase the assets to hopefully allow Celsius victims to get their money back. However, please let’s let CeFi go away at this point. If Celsius withers away without giving repayment to their victims, then is a hard lesson learned. But giving a CeFi outfit another opportunity to do what so many others have done before it by giving such leverage, then we haven’t learned from our mistakes at all. Sure, these new players may have better plans, more security, promises that they won’t do what FTX, Celsius, BlockFi, Three Arrow, etc have done. In the end, CeFi has shown how much trust they deserve.

Written by: nikethereum.eth / Medium / Mirror

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