This Week’s Winners and Losers in Crypto

Big week in crypto!

Banks going down causing BTC to go up.

Alts (sort of) following suit.

But who are the biggest winners and losers for the week?

Biggest Winner(s): Arbitrum Airdrop Participants
Thursday was a big day for those eligible for the coveted Arbitrum airdrop, but there were bumps along the way. The claim site was down from almost moments when it went live, and was nearly inaccessible for hours. However, after the dust settled, the price hovered above what estimates predicted (>$1).

There was one TRUE winner though.

The entity who was able to sell their tokens for a whopping $10.27 per token to result in a $64,000+ haul. Apparently, they had another transaction after that netted another $20,000 as well. On-chain transaction data reveals that the wallets went through front-run bot testing for up to 30 days prior to the launch, so they were ready when the token finally dropped:

Biggest Loser(s): Arbitrum Airdrop Participants with Vanity Addresses
Unfortunately, there were some eligible addresses that had their tokens stolen right from under their noses.

Those with vanity addresses (NOT ENS domains) have apparently been compromised for some time, and a hacker took advantage during what should have been an exciting moment for these victims.

The hacker was either able to find the private key for certain vanity addresses that used Profanity, a vanity generation service, or generated similar addresses and was able to direct the airdrops to those wallets instead, putting in question the security behind vanity addresses.

Biggest Loser: Do Kwon
That’s right. Same day as the Arbitrum drop, Montenegro authorities supposedly did some high-end nabbing of their own.

Do Kwon, International Man of Running Away From Investors, was reportedly caught after using falsified Costa Rican documents to fly to Dubai.

Montenegro’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, Filip Adzic, tweeted the following:

After being on the run for almost a year, the cocky former CEO of Terraform Labs’ global marathon seems to be over. 

SBF and him should talk about possibly rooming together for the foreseeable future…

Written by: nikethereum.eth / Medium / Mirror / Lens

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